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5 Customer Centric Supply Chain Metrics

Traditional Supply Chain Metrics are relatively well known, but in the age of empowered consumers, customer centric supply chains have become more important. Within the context of customer centric supply chains, it's important to look at these supply chain metrics as they relate to the customer centric model.

Commercial Drone Regulations: Where Do We Stand?

Though not as much recently, there has been huge buzz about the prospect of using drones for deliveries - something that is guaranteed to shake up supply chain and logistics management as we know it. However, even with all the talk, we have still not seen it put into practice in any sort of meaningful way.

10 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch

The winds of change are constantly blowing, but now, more than ever, logistics and supply chain professionals are seeing it more than most.

6 Steps to Optimizing the Last Mile of Parcel Delivery

Technology is the driving force behind change in nearly every industry, the parcel delivery industry is no different. The intensifying pace of innovation in the world of shipping and last mile deliveries has created an atmosphere in which businesses need to move fast in order to remain competitive. In terms of parcel delivery, the last mile is an area that now requires a particular focus on innovation.

5 Logistical Challenges of Amazon Prime Day

While the results aren't in (yet), it is expected that Amazon will double last year's Amazon Prime Day sales. In fact, it seems that Amazon Prime Day 2016 was Amazon's biggest sales day ever.

5 Characteristics of a Customer Centric Supply Chain

Creating a Customer Centric Supply chain can be a tricky thing, especially since it’s a departure from the “tradition” supply chain model. While each business has its own operational needs, there are a few concepts that are relatively universal.

The #1 Driver of Logistics Innovation is…

Surprised? You shouldn't be. The days of having trucks go out and losing sight of where they are, what stock they have, what their status is (on-shift etc.) or if they have arrived to their destination are long gone. On the customer side, consumers will no longer accept a 4 hour time window for when their delivery will arrive, they want real-time tracking via a map on their mobile device.

5 Ways Brexit Affects The Shipping Industry

As you probably know, the world woke up Friday morning to a stunning development - The UK had voted to leave the European Union. While many polls had shown the race to be close, nearly every "expert" had predicted that "stay" would eek out a victory.

How to Reduce Friction & Increase Customer Satisfaction

In the age of Amazon and Uber there are two crucial aspects of logistics that businesses must look at operational efficiency of the supply chain in order to have better visibility internally, as well as customer experience during the last mile of delivery - namely, an engaging experience that provides the end-customer with full visibility over where their delivery is and when it will arrive.

The Billion Dollar Battle for eCommerce Dominance in India

Recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would be making an additional $3 billion investment in India, on top of the $2 billion already invested two years ago. What's interesting about this investment is not just the size, but what the investment will be used for.

Creating a Competitive Advantage With Engagement & Efficiency

We live in a new age: the age of the empowered consumer. This means that customers expect to have the power to pick and choose items on their own, as well as have full visibility over every stage of the supply chain - including delivery.

The Age of The Customer Centric Supply Chain

If you look at any industry today, from technology to services, the entire way they are managed and executed have changed completely. When it comes to delivering goods and services, this is quite obvious.