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Product Management KPIs

CTO and Co-Founder Lior Sion talks about the three basis of measurements that should be taken in product management to create proper KPIs — quantity, quality and future proofing.

The Principles of Waste-Free Product

Bringg Co-Founder and CTO Lior Sion explains the principles of how to develop a waste-free product flow.

Infographic: 2020 Retail Holiday Readiness

These key supply chain initiatives will help you scale up and optimize your delivery and fulfillment operations before the holidays.

Fleet Management Software: 7 Features You Didn’t Know You Need

We’ve assembled the 7 key features that every business needs from its fleet management software.

A Growing Retail Ecosystem Must Come Together For An Economy Of Scale

Retailers have been growing their digital business, and everyone - media, analysts and even I - have been focused on them. But it's not just retailers. The ecosystem is growing as well. And as it grows, and the holiday season comes closer, all the players in this ecosystem must ask themselves if they are built for the scale that’s coming their way.

Retail Trends: The Growing Demand for Click and Collect

Discover why click and collect is a trending retail fulfillment model, and what retailers can do to create click & collect experiences that grow their business.

Building the Future of Logistics, Going Past the Hype

Bringg CTO and Co-Founder Lior Sion discusses the technology trends covered in Gartner's report, and what advice he give to logistics leaders to plan for success.

The Retailer Barrier: Scale for Survival, but Orchestrate for Success

Retailers are starting to realize that with foot traffic dramatically decreasing they need to digitize immediately. Today’s new normal is driving digitalization, transformation, omnichannel delivery and unified commerce systems. If in the past, curbside was a nice to have, free delivery was a differentiator and BOPIS was a secondary channel, this is no longer the case. It’s a retail storm out there, and only those with the most immediate offerings and digital presence will survive. Sadly not all retailers are there, some.

How to Optimize Reverse Logistics for Efficiency and Scale

Learn how retailers, logistics providers and others can efficiently manage reverse logistics at scale to reduce revenue losses and improve customer satisfaction.

Scaling Last Mile Operations in the Face of Digital Disruption

As a retailer, you should be asking yourself, how do we make digital profitable? Where do we save on delivery costs, and how can we become more operationally efficient? And of course, most importantly, how do we take this to scale? More within.

The New Norm Delivery Value Proposition: Trust, Availability and Product Selection

Before Covid, the delivery space was all about cost, convenience, and speed. These were the make of a successful product-market fit, especially for delivery marketplaces. However, times have changed, and with the consumer value proposition shifting due to today’s e-comm trends, the delivery market is now valued on trust, availability, and product selection. What do […]

Purchasing vs In-house Delivery Logistics Software: To Build or Not to Build

This post explores the key issues that businesses must consider when choosing to build or buy logistics software.