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5 Ways eCommerce & Omnichannel are Driving Competition

In a post earlier this year by Adam Robinson of Cerasis, he discussed how modern consumer demands are pushing companies to implement omnichannel solutions. Part of the article focused on how eCommerce and Ommnichannel are driving competition within the shipping industry.

Competition for Online Sales and Best Buy’s Earnings Report

It seems like all guns are fixed on Amazon. From Walmart to Target and now Best Buy, the "traditional" brick and mortar retailers are trying to make up ground they lost to the online retail powerhouse Amazon.

Online Retail and the Future of Supply Chains

The way we live, work, interact, and shop has changed immensely over the last decade. As is often the case, businesses have been slow to catch on to this changing environment. Whether it is entrenched processes or legacy technology, many companies have been unable, or unwilling, to change the way they manage their supply chains.

Walmart’s Purchase of What Does it Mean for Amazon? has grown from a tiny online book seller to a behemoth in the eCommerce space. How did they manage to get as far as they have? Firstly, they managed to weather the dot com bust of the early 2000s - something other eCommerce companies (ala could not do. But it was in its penchant for efficiency and innovation that it truly created a competitive advantage.

Don’t Be Last Mile Blind: 5 Areas to Watch

In a world of technological wonders, it seems that businesses need to have an ever-increasing holistic view of their entire supply chain. That means what was once understood to be out of the view of the business is now required to be tracked. Shippers face a slew of challenges today that seem to compound by the day: in a recent study, 1/4 of shippers stated that supply chain visibility was the top challenge facing them today.

Restocking Goods in the Age of On-Demand

In the age of on-demand, more and more unique use-cases are emerging that are expanding the way most people view on-demand.

5 Ways the US Elections Might Impact the Shipping Industry

Given the wild political season in the United States, there are issues on the table that will have direct and indirect affects on the shipping industry - both domestically and globally.

5 Customer Centric Supply Chain Metrics

Traditional Supply Chain Metrics are relatively well known, but in the age of empowered consumers, customer centric supply chains have become more important. Within the context of customer centric supply chains, it's important to look at these supply chain metrics as they relate to the customer centric model.

Commercial Drone Regulations: Where Do We Stand?

Though not as much recently, there has been huge buzz about the prospect of using drones for deliveries - something that is guaranteed to shake up supply chain and logistics management as we know it. However, even with all the talk, we have still not seen it put into practice in any sort of meaningful way.

10 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch

The winds of change are constantly blowing, but now, more than ever, logistics and supply chain professionals are seeing it more than most.

6 Steps to Optimizing the Last Mile of Parcel Delivery

Technology is the driving force behind change in nearly every industry, the parcel delivery industry is no different. The intensifying pace of innovation in the world of shipping and last mile deliveries has created an atmosphere in which businesses need to move fast in order to remain competitive. In terms of parcel delivery, the last mile is an area that now requires a particular focus on innovation.

5 Logistical Challenges of Amazon Prime Day

While the results aren't in (yet), it is expected that Amazon will double last year's Amazon Prime Day sales. In fact, it seems that Amazon Prime Day 2016 was Amazon's biggest sales day ever.