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We partner with leading technology vendors, expert consultancies and a global network of integrated carriers to empower over 800 companies to manage and grow delivery capacity, reduce cost and provide branded customer experiences.

Carrier Network

We integrate with 200+ carriers across the globe enabling enterprises to offer expanded delivery options using internal drivers, external delivery providers, 3PL, carriers, crowdsourced fleets or independent gig drivers. Visit our directory to learn more.

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Technology Alliances

We collaborate with trusted tech partners to provide tailored, innovative solutions that meet client needs. By leveraging Bringg’s leading DMP and top-notch partner technology, we drive last mile innovation and help clients achieve results.

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System Integrators

Digital transformation requires cutting-edge technology, market expertise, and strategic guidance. Our network of system integrators excels in change management and integration services, providing valuable support to enhance customers’ digital transformation initiatives.

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At Bringg, we create an integrated ecosystem connecting carriers, technology providers, software implementers, and change management specialists. This collaborative approach enables us to offer end-to-end solutions that empower our customers to make transformative decisions. Through strategic partnerships, we enhance delivery operations and engage with customers throughout their digital transformation journey. Our objective is to drive efficiency, save costs, and deliver exceptional experiences.

Serge Lazimi, VP Corporate Development, Bringg

Powered by Partnership 

Bringg on Salesforce: Connecting Logistics to the Customer Journey

Bringg on Salesforce (formerly Zenkraft) integrates logistics operations into the Salesforce platform natively. Spanning 4 flexible solutions, Bringg on Salesforce delivers the necessary APIs to calculate shipping rates and estimated delivery dates, book shipments and power real-time tracking and returns. With all configurations done in the native UI (SFCC and Core), companies are empowered to rapidly launch and manage profitable delivery and fulfillment operations – directly from Salesforce.

Partner Ecosystem

Join our Partner

Interested in partnering with Bringg or joining our Carrier Network? Click here to complete your details and our Alliances team will be in touch

Partner Portal

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Are you an existing Bringg Partner? Login to the Bringg Partner Portal or register for a user account to access a suite of tools, information and benefits. From sales and marketing materials, to technical documentation and on-demand enablement resources, our Partner Portal provides a wealth of resources to support your partnership with Bringg.

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