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Delivery Hub

Connect to Bringg’s Delivery Hub for seamless multi-carrier delivery management and integrate with over 200 carriers, each with unique capabilities. Streamline shipping and returns operations while reducing cost and driving brand loyalty.

How Delivery Hub Works

Bringg’s Delivery Hub allows you to manage all carrier shipment operations from one unified platform, covering the entire delivery journey. Access a wide selection of carrier capabilities ranging from e-commerce parcels to construction materials, white glove and beyond.

Carrier rates | Bringg

For increased cart conversion; decreased cost-to-deliver

  • Connect to over 200 carriers and present expanded delivery options during browsing and checkout
  • Effortlessly acquire carrier rates and obtain estimated, real-time delivery dates
  • Automate carrier assignments according to predefined requirements and set dispatching on autopilot
Fulfillment and Manifesting | Bringg

For reduced cost-to-deliver & minimized manual processes

  • Automate fulfillment and manifesting tasks 
  • Assign packaging and carrier options in line with predefined rules
  • Automate labeling and documentation operations
Tracking and Communication | Bringg

For reduced WISMO

  • Create a branded tracking experience with built-in communication capabilities 
  • Provide real-time tracking direct from your website
  • Simplify proof-of-delivery processes
  • Automatically notify customers at each critical delivery stage
Ratings and Returns | Bringg

For increased customer loyalty

  • Automatically offer preferred return options (pick up/ drop off)
  • Automate return documentation
  • Provide real-time tracking and status updates at any point of the delivery journey, in line with predefined rules
  • Provide an easy-to-use feedback experience
Reporting and analytics | Bringg

For actionable insights

  • View, collect and process relevant data on WISMO, failure rates, deliveries per hour and more
  • Quickly evaluate and compare delivery carrier performance and cost
  • Create unlimited reports on shipping, tracking and returns data


reduced cost to deliver


growth in one year


on time delivery


improvement in NPS score

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