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4 Decades of Change in the Transportation of Goods

The movement of the packages from point A to point B, which really isn't rocket science, has now become very complicated in that the primary carrier in the United States has made it very complicated to figure out what it's going to cost.

Pressures on the Supply Chain During the Holidays

As you know, the holidays are coming up and companies that do any sort of deliveries are expecting a huge increase of pressures on their supply chain as a result.

3 Things Shippers are Doing to Prepare for Holiday Shopping

Well, it's that time of year again. The holiday shopping season is quickly coming up and shippers are again scrambling to make sure that they are prepared for the incredible spike in deliveries. It didn't always used to be this way, but with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and online retail in general, the strain on shippers has grown exponentially.

[REPORT] The Future of Last Mile

Recently, McKinsey published an incredibly in-depth report on the current state and future of last mile delivery. If you are a logistics and supply chain professional, I highly recommend you read the entire report - it provides truly valuable insights.

Retail and the Reality of Empowered Consumers

The model of retailers having all the power in the relationship between business and consumer has shifted, whether you like it or not. Where it used to be that retailers dictated the channels, options, products and quality, now consumers have taken more control over the process.

5 Reasons eCommerce Companies Need Terms and Conditions

While a Terms and Conditions agreement is recommended to have for your website, it’s not required by law to have this agreement. Only Privacy Policies are required by law if you collect personal data from your users: email address, first and last names, shipping address, etc. These are especially important for businesses involved in online retail and eCommerce.

Supply Chain as a Retail Channel

One of the things in the world of supply chain management right now is the concept of the supply chain as a retail channel. As you know the newest buzzword in retail is Omnichannel, but that misses the mark, because you've got a connection with the supply chain across between consumers and retailers that are bringing more players into this retail industry.

Re-Imagining Last Mile Logistics

Driverless trucks, drones, fully automated warehouses - these things were once the fantasies of science fiction. Now, however, the incorporation of these technologies into last mile logistics seems inevitable. First of all, let's take a look at last mile logistics; particularly, the "Last Mile Problem."

3 Ways SMS Notifications Enhance Last Mile Deliveries

We're seeing incredible growth in the eCommerce space. A by-product of that growth is the greater pressure on shipping companies to not only ship greater quantities of goods, but to do so in shorter periods of time and providing a better experience to the end-customer. Last mile deliveries today require greater investments in time, resources and technology than ever before.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Amazon’s Potential Path to Phasing Out 3PLs

We've written extensively about Amazon and their ever-more-obvious plan to phase out reliance on third party partners to do last mile shipping. Most recently, The Wall Street Journal took a deeper look at Amazon's shipping and logistics operations and found that, due in large part to massive growth in building of warehouses all over the US, the company now does its own deliveries in at least 21 states.

Instant Gratification and Supply Chains

Change - it's the one thing we can always count on (besides paying taxes). And the change in the way consumers research and purchase products has changed expectations of how they will receive those products.

The Current and Future Challenges of Same Day Delivery

As same day delivery continues to grow and expand into new markets, the challenges of providing that kind of service become more apparent. What does the future hold for same day delivery, and what are the biggest challenges to its become more main stream?