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Power up your delivery operations with best-in-class route planning capabilities. Automate and optimize your routes to reduce manual dispatching efforts and increase fleet efficiency.

Delivery Route Optimization Software | Bringg


Increase drops
per hour


fleet efficiency

Delivery and resource management | Bringg

Resource Management

  • Reduce cost by centralizing all resourcing needed to run your operation
  • Effectively manage drivers, vehicles and depots
  • Set up driver schedules
  • Create delivery slots for auto scheduling
  • Optimize routes in line with predefined rules: service area, driver skill, customer request, weight, volume and more

Time On Site 

  • Automatically and accurately predict how long each job should take
  • Optimize route planning to account for time spent on site
  • Simplify complex deliveries that require additional handling
  • Improve fleet productivity metrics: drops per hour, miles driven and more
  • Improve CSAT and On Time In Full (OTIF)
Time on site management | Bringg
Real time traffic and location | Bringg

Real-Time Traffic and Location Intelligence (Powered by Here®)

  • Enable vehicle-specific routing that considers road constraints for each vehicle type
  • Provide transparent and reliable ETAs, backed by traffic-aware logistics support
  • Unlock accurate delivery estimates that account for traffic conditions

Advanced Capabilities 

  • Optimize routes by service area, toll road avoidance and more
  • Create predefined rules for driver fairness, skill consideration and more
  • Enable additional support for walking, e-bikes and other modes of transportation
Advanced capabilities | Bringg

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