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Automatically identify, plan, and manage optimal routes for on-demand orders. Tap into increased fleet efficiency, minimized manual efforts and reduced fleet costs.

fleet efficiency

manual efforts

fleet costs

On demand dispatching | Bringg

On Demand; On Autopilot.

Continuously and automatically assign orders to drivers and
vehicles and create quick ad-hoc routes as orders come in. Auto-batch orders together while adhering to short SLAs.

Order Alignment

Automatically align all order stages for best possible route integration. Dispatch orders to drivers at predetermined intervals, initiate order preparation dynamically based on estimated warehouse arrival time, assign drivers based on picking-task status.

Order alignment | Bringg
Dispatching mangement | Bringg

Dispatch YOUR Way

Take control of your dispatching operations by mapping
routes for select teams – while accounting for weight,
volume, time on site and more.