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4 Tactics Overlooked By Restaurants When Building Their Delivery Fleet

It’s imperative for restaurant to carefully assess multiple tactical and strategic challenges to choose the right delivery model.

C-suite Teams Finally Discussing Transportation at a Strategic Level

According to DHL Supply Chain, the majority of c-suite decision makers view transportation as a strategic component of business growth, rather than as a commodity.

The Latest Logistics Challenge: Keeping Delivery Costs Under Control

Retailers now have no choice but to adapt to this new reality of rising operational costs, and embrace innovative technology as part of their ongoing efforts to find efficiencies across the entire supply chain.

Online Marketplace Wars: How eBay is fighting back against mounting pressure from Amazon

Today, about 52% of eBay merchants are also Amazon merchants, down from 65% in 2017, as sellers have become very keen to tap into Amazon Prime’s 100 million subscribers. The bottom line is that eBay needs to rethink its strategy to remain relevant with both buyers and sellers.

3 Things Retailers Must do to Remain Competitive During the Digital Revolution

The retail landscape has been completely disrupted by the ecommerce boom. Retailers now need to rethink and redefine the relationship between their brands, their stores, and their customers. The entire experience of browsing products, trying them, purchasing them and even returning them has moved to people’s computers, bedrooms and phones.

Lack of Warehouse Space: a Threat and an Opportunity

As online retail skyrockets, the need for warehouse spacing is booming. As demand for storage increases drastically, warehouse space simply can’t keep up with market needs - something which opens up opportunities for industry growth and modernization.

Global Ecommerce By The Numbers: 12 Mind-Blowing Stats

Insightful stats detailing how e-commerce is making huge waves globally and is changing the way we view retail as we know it.

Are Most E-commerce Logistics Operations Still in the Dark Ages?

A new report from Zebra Technologies found that only 39% of supply chain respondents are operating at an omnichannel level, which means that the rest still lack the ability to integrate various forms of customer shopping methods into their operations.

With UberRUSH shutting down, what can stranded merchants do?

Uber recently announced to its customers that it will be shutting down UberRUSH, its same-day delivery service. Launched in 2015, the service was supposed to provide merchants with the ability to compete with the likes of Amazon’s same-day shipping offers.

Three Ways in Which Customer Demand is Reshaping Last Mile Deliveries

Conquering the last mile has quickly become one of the biggest challenges for any retailer. As e-commerce grows and the retail landscape shifts to a much faster and more dynamic environment, led by speed and convenience, the entire industry is looking for solutions to delight customers

The Backlash from Poor Courier Delivery Experiences

A new report from eDelivery Expo shows that more than one in five customers (22%) will actively avoid courier companies with whom they’ve had a bad experience in the past. In fact, 17% of customers will check which courier company a retailer uses before making a purchase.

The Logistics of Love

While many retailers are still relatively new to the world of delivery, many of the retailers that focus on Valentine’s Day products have mastered the art of delivery for decades.