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Your ROAD to Connected Fleet Management

A solution to digitize and manage all delivery operations, no matter your starting point, ROAD caters to companies at varying stages of their digital transformation journey. Automate and optimize every step of the last mile and create a seamless experience for drivers, dispatchers and customers.

Fleet Management from One Platform | Bringg

Your ROAD. Your Way.

We designed ROAD from the ground up to grow with you.
Whether you’re ready to launch the core essentials to digitize your fleet management, optimize your operations by adding route optimization capabilities, or accelerate and go full throttle to transform your last mile via innovative solutions – Bringg has your back.


Access core capabilities for a stronger customer experience:

Communication & Customer Experience
Create branded, real-time order tracking, get instant notifications, feedback & ratings

Control Tower
Gain a complete operational overview of your last mile: route planning, driver tracking, exception handling and more

Driver App
Access a dedicated iOS and Android app to digitize and simplify driver instructions and experience

Reporting & Analytics
Leverage operational data and dashboards to monitor delivery performance and productivity

Bringg ROAD Launch


Upgrade from LAUNCH by adding Route Optimization or AutoDispatch to your last mile operations:

Route Optimization
Increase fleet efficiency and reduce manual dispatching efforts with Bringg’s Route Optimization engine: optimize an unlimited number of routes per day, pool and share assets between locations, minimize driver distance and time, account for weight, volume and many other complex constraints

Unlock same day delivery options via automated, on-demand dispatching. Batch orders and create quick ad hoc routes as sales orders come in

Bringg ROAD Optimize


Access any of our Accelerators to take your delivery operations to the next level:

Availability Quotes
Leverage Bringg’s Dynamic Capacity Calculator to offer advanced delivery options to your customers – directly via your ecommerce site

Delivery Hub
Manage costs and overflow capacity by extending your fleet via our network of 250+ delivery partners

Live Traffic by HERE®
Increase driver and fleet efficiency by leveraging live traffic data provided by HERE® to schedule routes based on real-time traffic analytics and location intelligence

Time On Site Optimization
Access powerful machine learning algorithms that take into account various factors to automatically and accurately predict time spent on site

Prep and Stage
Dynamically trigger orders for preparation based on the driver ETA to the store. Control driver assignments based on picking completion

Bringg ROAD Accelerate


reduction in late deliveries


increase in average cart value


shorter delivery windows

planzer logo


improvement in NPS score

Ready to take the ROAD to a digitized last mile?