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Appliance Delivery:
Streamlined & Optimized.

Simplify appliance deliveries using Bringg’s Delivery Management Platform – designed with appliance deliveries in mind to increase productivity, reduce failed deliveries, and provide exceptional customer service.

Why Bringg?

Bringg enables a hassle-free appliance delivery experience, offering convenient delivery window options and streamlined installation,
while still ensuring more drops per day. Bringg turns delivery into a unique differentiator for over 800 customers, with over 200 million orders shipped every year.

A Stronger
Customer Experience

Provide expanded delivery options, customizable delivery dates, a smooth and simple returns process and feedback options.

Real-time Tracking &
Driver Communication 

Ensure drivers, customers and logistics managers receive continuous, real-time updates on estimated time of arrival with advanced tracking and communication via a custom built ‘Control Tower’.

Scheduled & On-Demand
Route Optimization

Leverage Bringg algorithms to place all dispatching on autopilot. Factor in network capacity, congestion, costs, time-on-site management and carbon footprint to optimize operations in line with predefined parameters.

Best-In-Class Service Plan Customization

Enhance the customer experience and stay responsive to market dynamics through highly customizable and flexible service plans, more efficient appliance installation management, simplified customer decision making, increased upselling opportunities and more.

Reporting &

Optimize operations through behavior analysis and KPI monitoring via chosen parameters. Utilize enriched customer and operational data for stronger insights to better manage satisfaction management and reduce costs.

Multi Carrier

Get unified visibility and management of both own fleet and third party carriers from one platform, ensuring seamless coordination across your entire supply chain.