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Complex Grocery Deliveries; Simplified.

Connect to Bringg’s delivery management platform and transform your grocery delivery experience into a competitive advantage – enhancing productivity and profitability metrics along the way.

Reduced Costs
Minimized manual dispatching and overhead costs
Lower costs per order
More deliveries per day
Increased first time delivery rates
Improved Brand Loyalty
Stronger On Time In Full (OTIF)
Improved Perfect Order Rates (POR)
Clear driver and tracking visibility
Better recommendation efficiency

Why Bringg?

Bringg enables a hassle-free grocery delivery experience, offering convenient delivery window options while still ensuring
more drops per day for a stronger customer experience and recurring revenue. Bringg turns delivery into a unique differentiator for over 800 customers, with over 200 million orders shipped every year.

All Deliveries:
One Unified Platform

Manage operations from a single platform. Gain clear visibility of your own fleet and third-party carriers, ensuring smooth coordination across your entire supply chain.


Synchronize just-in-time dispatching with picking operations to enhance the agility, responsiveness, and customer-centricity of your delivery operations.

& Flexibility

Customize service plans to optimize resource utilization, expedite deliveries, and boost customer satisfaction. Fine-tune order processing, packing methods, and route planning for streamlined operations and cost reduction.

Advanced Availability Slots
for Tighter Delivery Windows

Calculate delivery slots dynamically based on real-time fleet capacity for up to 30 days during the pre-purchase journey. Expand delivery capabilities by overspilling to carriers and ensure a unified customer experience across different delivery units.

Machine Learning

Leverage powerful machine learning algorithms that consider numerous factors to automatically and precisely predict time required for each delivery.

BI Reporting
& Analytics

Optimize operations by monitoring predefined KPIs and behavior analysis. Leverage enriched customer and operational data for key insights – reducing churn, and improving cost-efficiency.


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