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Amazon and Atlas Air: a Match Made in the Sky

In its second such deal in the last 12 months, Amazon has announced a deal with Atlas Air, the Air Cargo Carrier, for the leasing of 20 Boeing jets. Sound familiar? That's because not that long ago, Amazon made a similar deal with an Ohio based company for the same amount of planes.

What Amazon’s Earnings Report Tells Us About Their Logistics Operations

Last week, Amazon released its earnings report for Q1 2016. Let's just say that afterwards their investors were very happy - the company's sales were up 28% and showed a profit for the fourth straight quarter. Considering its reputation as a free spending, this is quite a feet. It's not that people didn't expect Amazon to have a good quarter, but no one expected it to be this good.

eCommerce Logistics: Evolution of the Classic Distribution Model

Over the last decade eCommerce has gone from a curiosity that, at points, seemed to be unsustainable, to a monolith that is growing at a faster rate than in-store retail. In fact, according to Forrester eCommerce sales is projected to reach $550 Billion...

3 Ways to Increase Retention With a Great Delivery Experience

Consumers have more choices than ever. From nearly any place, at nearly any time, they can order whatever their hearts desire and get it delivered to them. So how do you capture the loyalty of these buyers, and in turn increase retention? How do you not only get them to make one purchase, but to keep coming back?

Amazon’s Plan to Own The Sky

Amazon's got a plan, and it seems that they are starting to execute on it. The plan is to take its strategy of becoming a full fledged shipping company to the skies... with the birds.

Why On-Demand, Why Now?

I want what I want, and I want it now! Sounds like an adolescent child, right? Well, you may not realize it, but it's actually all of us. In the on-demand era, we have all become so used to getting what we want at the push of a button, that we have come to expect it.

The Drone Delivery Wars, Now Big in Japan

Drones... the word itself sounds a bit ominous, probably because of their initially intended usage. But as with many technological advancements of our time, the battlefield was only the first use-case. Only a few years ago, the idea of having goods dropped at your home by a drone seemed unrealistic... even ludicrous. But now many people in the industry not only don't laugh at the concept, they are quite adamant about its eventual large-scale application.

Word on the Street is Amazon is Expanding Same-Day Delivery

Global, local, and hyperlocal - Amazon has slowly but surely been establishing itself in the delivery space. One of its most ambitious projects is same-day delivery called "Prime Now" which provides local delivery as quickly as one-hour. Until now, the service was only available on the Prime Now mobile applications, which was not popular among the Prime paying users. According to Bloomberg, this spring it will be available on their web site, so it can be accessed via desktop.

Omnichannel Retail and The Changing Costs of Fulfillment

Over the years, one company has managed to attack the white spaces in a variety of industries, and capitalize on creating processes and leveraging technologies that allowed it to set itself apart from the rest of the competitive environment - the so called "Amazon Effect."

What Do B2B On Demand Deliveries Look Like?

We live in an on-demand world. Given the advancements in consumer delivery, it's only natural that on demand B2B deliveries will find new use cases.

What’s Next for the On-Demand Economy

Change, as they say, is the only thing you can count on. Since the turn of the century the pace of change in nearly every aspect of life, particularly with regards to technology, has increased dramatically. Since the tech world licked its wounds after the dot-com bust, the innovative ways in which new technology has been applied to help make everyday tasks easier has been remarkable.

A Timeline of Amazon’s Shipping and Fulfillment Evolution

We've spent a lot of time lately discussing, dissecting, and analyzing Amazon's changing supply chain over the last few years. With the most recent news of Amazon leasing a fleet of aircraft from Boeing, it's becoming crystal clear what their intentions are.