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5 Logistical Challenges of Amazon Prime Day

While the results aren't in (yet), it is expected that Amazon will double last year's Amazon Prime Day sales. In fact, it seems that Amazon Prime Day 2016 was Amazon's biggest sales day ever.

5 Characteristics of a Customer Centric Supply Chain

Creating a Customer Centric Supply chain can be a tricky thing, especially since it’s a departure from the “tradition” supply chain model. While each business has its own operational needs, there are a few concepts that are relatively universal.

How to Reduce Friction & Increase Customer Satisfaction

In the age of Amazon and Uber there are two crucial aspects of logistics that businesses must look at operational efficiency of the supply chain in order to have better visibility internally, as well as customer experience during the last mile of delivery - namely, an engaging experience that provides the end-customer with full visibility over where their delivery is and when it will arrive.

3 Ways to Increase Retention With a Great Delivery Experience

Consumers have more choices than ever. From nearly any place, at nearly any time, they can order whatever their hearts desire and get it delivered to them. So how do you capture the loyalty of these buyers, and in turn increase retention? How do you not only get them to make one purchase, but to keep coming back?

Delivery Management Platforms: 5 Features to Look For

The following is taken from the 2016 Delivery Management Buying Guide - Get the full buying guide here. Did you know that 61% of consumers say they are willing to pay more to have same-day delivery?

Why Invest in a Delivery Management Platform?

Companies like Postmates and DoorDash are thriving on an inherent consumer desire for on-demand experiences. More and more, people expect instant gratification in all aspects of their lives and expect you to give it to them. There are two main pieces of the on-demand puzzle—customer experience and logistics. You want to fulfill local deliveries as quickly as possible to keep customers happy, but figuring out the logistics has always been the main roadblock – a roadblock that can be overcome with the right technology.

Getting Engaged: Enhancing the Local Delivery Experience With Customer Engagement

Next month I'll be attending and presenting at the LogTech conference in Singapore. As I prepare my talk, I felt like it might be a good opportunity to share some of it with the Bringg audience. Given the theme of the forum, Logistics Technology, I felt I could provide value by highlighting how businesses can enrich the local delivery experience by using this kind of technology.

4 Reasons Our Round A Funding is Important

There are times, as a CEO, that I can sit back and reflect on how far this company has come in such a short period of time. Today was one of those days. This afternoon we officially announced the raising of $5 million in investment. Why is this so important?