2021 Bringg Survey Report

State of Last Mile Logistics

Based on a global survey of logistics and transportation leaders, this report examines logistics providers current pains, and presents gaps between provider capabilities and current shipper demands. It also provides tips to overcome the challenges and facilitate long term growth.

Download the 2021 Report to learn:

  • The top customer experience capabilities requested from shippers, and how logistics providers are delivering on these expectations
  • Key blockers to scaling last mile operations and delivery volumes
  • Which tech capabilities are set to be key differentiators in 2021
  • Which tactics logistics providers are using to increase business through last mile operations
Download the report: 2021 State of Last Mile Logistics

Key findings include:

  • Visibility: 53% of respondents say their shippers use or have requested real-time visibility tools for end customers, but only 18% have it – and over half have no plans to purchase.
  • Blockers to last mile growth: 41% of respondents say their biggest blocker to scale is their outdated business processes and manual operations; another 36% say it’s their legacy technology.
  • Automation for managing volumes and SLAs: Over half of logistics providers are focused on adding automation to help them deliver greater volumes.
  • Self scheduling: 20% of respondents said they’ve abandoned automated scheduling and self-scheduling because it was too expensive – but for 61% it is the most requested capability from shippers.
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