Reverse Logistics Management Software

Maintain full visibility and control while handling unsuccessful delivery attempts

There are any number of reasons for failed deliveries—those that wind up back on the driver’s vehicle even after the driver has visited the customer location. A customer is not home to accept and sign for a delivery, a customer refuses to accept an incorrect or damaged item, or a customer does not have the appropriate form of identification required to accept the delivery.

Whatever the reason, failed deliveries can cause obstacles since they break the chain of custody.

Fortunately, Bringg simplifies reverse logistics management, allowing drivers and businesses to manage all these situations without adding any hiccups to their operations. For example, as soon as the system identifies that an item has not been delivered or has been canceled, it automatically creates a new order for the assigned driver based on business requirements.

This process ensures that the chain of custody is complete as soon as the driver returns the failed delivery back to its original location. It also provides proof of the failed delivery item’s exact location, eliminating any concern over whether the item was lost or stolen, and allows businesses to more efficiently process returns.

Reverse logistics management software is essential for organizations that need to manage failed or incomplete deliveries in a way that is organized and efficient. By properly handling reverse logistics management with Bringg, these companies ensure that their processes–even those involving deliveries that aren’t executed as planned–keep running smoothly.

Returns Handling

Real-Time Visibility

Gain full visibility into the status of items, even when delivery attempts have failed.


With accurate, real-time insight into the status and location of failed deliveries, businesses can keep control of their inventory.


No more missing packages as drivers receive clear actions as to where to drop-off failed deliveries based on business requirements.

Chain of Custody

Maintain control over the entire delivery process in real-time, regardless of the number of different parties involved.

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