Proof of Delivery Software

Collect and Record the Required Type of Proof

Delivery professionals know all too well that with different companies and different types of items being delivered, there are varying types of proof that need to be collected at the point of delivery. Proof of delivery might include enforceable signatures, real-time photographs, notes, forms, scanned barcodes—or a combination of any of these. Ensuring that drivers collect proof of delivery—and that it’s the right type of proof—presents delivery companies with a hurdle they must carefully overcome on a regular basis.

Introducing Bringg’s Proof of Delivery software, designed to ease the burden on drivers during this final delivery process while helping companies stay efficient.

Proof of Delivery App - Software for Automated Proof of Delivery

Adding Precision and Efficiency to Driver Operations

Proof of Delivery software is a simple way for companies executing deliveries to enforce operational rules related to the proof their drivers must collect. This feature takes the burden of collecting proof of delivery off the driver completely. The Bringg app reminds drivers at the point of item drop-off (whether it’s at a warehouse, customer location or anyplace else) that they need to collect proof of delivery, and then walks them through the process of collecting the right type of proof.

Companies can customize this feature to apply specific settings per specific delivery, delivery type, or for all deliveries made by the company. This makes it easier than ever to combine any number of different types of proof of delivery under one umbrella.

Proof of Delivery App - Software for Automated Proof of Delivery

Improve Driver Efficiency

Proof of delivery is essential to achieving smooth, efficient deliveries that delight your customers and allow your drivers to do their best work. It helps drivers collect the proof of delivery they need for their formal processes without adding any burden to their workload, while ensuring that customers and others who receive deliveries can officially approve that they’ve received items so that delivery processes remain efficient and transparent. Bringg’s Proof of Delivery software supports any type of proof, allowing you to automate this step of your delivery operations according to your unique business requirements.


Customize the Proof of Delivery feature according to the specific needs of your company, your clients, industry, delivery types, etc.

Improved Efficiency

With the Proof of Delivery feature, you don’t need to leave it to the driver to decide when and how to collect proof. The app automatically takes care of reminders and steps for collecting the right types of proof.

Easier On-boarding

This feature makes it easier for you to onboard new drivers, and easier for them to succeed.

Simple Integration

If you receive proof of delivery guidelines from external parties, no problem! This feature integrates with any external system so you can easily stay on top of proof of delivery requirements from any party.


Enforce multiple types of proof of delivery requirements all in one place.

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