Is Now The Right Time To Invest In An Enterprise Solution?

Guy Bloch

It seems like a bold question. Of course, it is. We at Bringg sell a leading enterprise solution, and we believe wholeheartedly that it is the right technology solution for any business that wants to succeed in the ever-growing delivery economy. And to be clear, it’s worth the investment, because its not your traditional, heavy enterprise solution (I will get into that later).

But something of recent has made us look at our technology offering in a different light. It’s earning calls and stats, it’s the accelerated growth rate that all businesses are expecting their eCommerce channels to take in this year. In fact, a recent analyst stated that we are looking at 2023 growth numbers by the end of 2020. I might add that we are already halfway through this year and many companies are still lagging behind.

And that’s the reason it is not time to source an enterprise solution that will require a long RFP process with tons of time wasted on planning, implementing, and perfecting. My suggestion, start with a platform that can give you quick value now in an out of the box solution and grow with it to a full unified commerce solution over time.

When I mentioned that we started to look at our technology in a different light, I have our customers to thank. We noticed that our customers, facing great complexity during COVID,
quickly pivoted their logistics models by building out their curbside pickup or are extending to locker drop-offs and faster drive-thru lanes. They asked us how to ensure morning click and collect for elders or two-hour delivery of prepared foods.

Our customers needed to quickly deploy specific logistics models and being that we have an open modular unified delivery and fulfillment platform we were able to rapidly enable and scale those specific solutions. So, while we are certainly an enterprise delivery orchestration platform, we realized our customers rely on those specific out of the box use cases that can be easily rolled out on a SaaS platform.

When describing our out of the box solutions, I always make sure to add our value prop – built on our open, modular, unified delivery platform. Open because we can easily integrate with existing solutions, modular because businesses can continually implement, adapt and customize new functionality and finally unified delivery and fulfillment because by removing the silos between logistics models you gain greater efficiency and cost optimization.

So, going back to my earlier statement now is not the time for enterprise solutions; it’s not the time for long waterfall projects that require professional services teams.

Now is the time to optimize existing models, enable the release of new innovations, and ensure technology investments. It’s time to rapidly adopt new models to quickly service customers and defend revenue streams. It’s the time for technology that enables an open, connected logistics network that will help bring market forces together for convenient, cost-effective, and fast delivery and fulfillment for every business.

About Author

Guy Bloch


About Author

Guy Bloch

Guy is the CEO of Bringg. He has nearly 20 years of experience leading large organizations in the global enterprise software market, and transforming them into highly successful hyper-growth environments. He joined Bringg after spending 6 years in senior leadership roles at Splunk (Nasdaq: SPLK), most recently as COO EMEA.

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