First Mile Tracking and Visibility

Manage your Delivery Operations from Beginning to End

As end-customers demand more from their delivery experiences than ever before, logistics service providers including 3PLs, couriers and post & parcel companies have to widen the range of related services they offer, expanding the use of convenient package drop-off options such as front warehouses, locker services and local convenience stores.

Bringg’s First Mile tracking makes it simple for businesses to continue managing their delivery operations with visibility and efficiency from beginning to end as they add new package collection models.

Streamlining Package Collection Across an Expanded Logistics Network

Delivery companies and other logistics service providers profit from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty when they take measures to make the delivery process simpler for customers. This is part of the reason behind the choice many of these businesses are taking to expand their network by providing new and convenient delivery pickup locations managed in a streamlined and organized process.

Whether partnering with local convenience stores, utilizing locker services, or employing other locations as front warehouses, companies can use Bringg to easily manage the process of collecting packages from senders. By enabling first mile tracking, this allows for complete visibility into package locations at all times throughout the journey from point of origination to the package’s pick-up location. First mile tracking–even as packages travel among different third party service providers or delivery partners–is a key capability companies employ to help them maintain control over the entire chain of custody and continue providing the level of service they’re committed to.

First mile tracking with Bringg

Through a simple process, Bringg’s First Mile tracking and visibility module makes it easy to collect packages and all relevant shipment details, quickly generate a price quote and collect the required payments and signatures, while maintaining complete chain of custody. Moreover, the process of logging a new parcel with the First Mile functionality automatically notifies the delivery company or other logistics provider that a package is waiting for them at the front warehouse—further streamlining the process both from the front warehouse and the business’s perspective. The same process can also be used for coordinating customer delivery pick-ups from the same locations as part of the Last Mile module.


Keep delivery operations smooth and efficient, automating front warehouse processes and keeping you informed about all in-process deliveries.

Real-time Visibility

Can be used in any front warehouse to keep your delivery operations moving forward, whether it’s a convenience store or other local shop.

Ease of Use

Bringg's First Mile tracking is simple to use, making the process of accepting new parcels quick and painless for the front warehouse operator.

Improved Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy by equipping collection stations with the tools they need to easily and quickly accept drop-off.

Customer Experience

Designed to help you easily partner with collection centers in your customers’ vicinity, so you can easily fulfill their needs while maintaining their loyalty.

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