Dispatch & Routing

Whether your SLAs are counted in minutes or days, your teams need more technology to deliver faster and manage complex delivery services efficiently.

Bringg’s dispatch and routing software frees your teams to focus on delivery performance, improving service speed and costs at scale.

Automated Dispatch & Routing

Optimize dispatching and routing for scheduled and on-demand deliveries, across both internal and third-party fleets.

Our AutoDispatch and Route Optimization intelligently factor in your unique considerations – including fleet, driver, order and customer variables – based on your business logic, to automatically suggest or assign the optimal fleet and determine the best routes and vehicles for each order.

Dispatch & Routing

Automate fleet selection, returns, redirect deliveries, and alternative pickup/drop off locations

Dispatch & Routing

Optimize routes and resources to meet SLAs and service requirements while improving drop density

Dispatch & Routing

Restrict drivers from delivering in or traveling through unsafe areas

Dispatch & Routing

Automate logistics scheduling for both pickup and delivery based on real-world availability

Real-Time Tracking

Get real-time visibility and control over your logistics with powerful data-driven solutions.

Our active control tower leverages your business logic and real-time visibility into delivery data – active users, current tasks, and ETAs – to alert you to exceptions in real time for fast action.

Real-Time Tracking

Intelligent Driver and Vehicle Selection

Send out the optimal driver and vehicle for every delivery.

Bringg’s platform automatically takes vehicle, driver, order and customer requirements into consideration when dispatching orders – from refrigeration or special dimensions, to installations or assembly.

Intelligent Driver

Advanced Data Science

Machine Learning and BI Dashboards

Eliminate timing buffers and increase your delivery capacity with machine learning that models your delivery flow, and accurately predicts timing for every stage in the pickup or delivery.

Use our customized logistics BI to track the KPIs that matter most to each stakeholder.

Advanced Data Science

Our operational technology…had to be highly scalable,
had to leapfrog (the competition), and had to make
material improvements to our operational productivity.

Bringg was the only one that could do all three.

Richard Metzler, President and CEO, LSO/Lone Star Overnight

Powered by Our Cloud Platform

  • Data-led – Connecting and intelligently utilizing data from fragmented systems
  • Unified – Bringing together different models and partners on one platform
  • Orchestration & AI – Applying AI and industry best practices for optimized operations
  • Modular – Rapidly developing and releasing new innovations
  • Real-Time – Enabling real-time visibility across the supply chain
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