Bringg for Retail

Make Convenient, Quality Delivery
Your Competitive Advantage

Today’s retail industry has been disrupted by innovative online competitors. Whether it’s on-demand or next-day, delivery or click and collect – shoppers now expect faster delivery speed, better prices, and more convenient options than most retailers are currently equipped to offer.

Bringg’s technology platform helps leading retailers rapidly meet these challenges to expand and improve delivery offerings at scale.

Improving delivery and fulfillment speed, cost and efficiency
for innovative brands around the world

Improving delivery and fulfillment speed, cost and efficiency for innovative brands around the world

Intelligent, Agile Delivery at Scale

Bringg’s Delivery Orchestration Platform digitizes and syncs data across your customers, orders, inventory, stores, warehouses, and fleets.

Bringg’s Orchestration Engine then optimizes and automates your delivery flows, to improve operational efficiency and your customer experience.


  • Real-time collaboration across platforms and teams
  • Automated order scheduling, routing and dispatch
  • Streamlined operations and driver management
  • Offer better delivery experiences, from checkout to support

Delivery Orchestration for Retail

Deep Experience

Boost Speed & Quality

Offer superior delivery, through customized automation across every fleet, flow and driver

Increase sales through better technology

Improve Efficiency & Costs

Optimize your resource allocation and utilization, while improve your logistics agility

Increase operational efficiency

Deliver Smarter

Utilize real-time visibility, alerts and reporting for every team and stakeholder to improve performance


State of Retail Delivery

Today's shoppers have very high expectations for retail delivery. Are retailers keeping up?

The Bringg Barometer 2020: State of Retail Delivery

Meet the Growing Demand for
Fast, Convenient, Quality Delivery


Improve your automation and agility to deliver faster, cost effectively and at scale

Scheduling &

Provide the optimal delivery options by automating fleet selection, delivery scheduling and rescheduling

Driver & Vehicle Management

Improve your efficiency with intelligent, automated asset tracking, routing, communications and more


Manage deliveries across integrated carriers, with streamlined, consistent delivery flows and robust reporting