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Doingg Good: How to extend your company culture beyond your four walls


We aim to inspire people, both as individuals and as company, to do more and be more for ourselves and for the people around us.

At Bringg, we encourage our employees to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. We also challenge our people to consistently try new things. Every year, we sponsor Bringgsters to run races and provide coaching to all participants. This year was a bit different, to say the least.

No longer could we go on runs together, or cluster around the office kitchen and share battle stories of our fastest, or longest, or hardest run. So like any good SaaS company, when the market changes, you pivot and change with it. Enter the world of virtual events and charity runs!

Launching the BringgGood virtual run was about more than recreating our running camaraderie remotely. I wanted it to take on a bigger purpose.

Like everyone else, the global pandemic made me restructure my priorities. We all found meaning in simple things. And for many, it also meant a time of struggle: a struggle with health, or finances, or mental health, or all of the above. So a charity run where donations go to a foundation that supports people in need seemed a perfect way to give our running additional meaning.

Another way to make this event greater than before was to make it global. Usually, each of Bringg’s global offices sponsors its own races, based on the local racing calendar. Rather than each office running its own event, this was an opportunity to do a single, large, company-wide event. With that, we check off two more boxes: more people and more countries all at the same time.

Then we really got creative. We turned it into a virtual global event that extended participation beyond employees to the entire Bringg community – including customers, partners, and board members. And when all these groups came together, it was no longer a company event, or even a charity event. It was a community event.

It was truly inspiring to see how many of us Bringgsters were willing to go the distance (literally) when there was a bigger cause. That sense of belonging was what created this community.

Little did I think that the effects of the event would stretch beyond its original purpose. We realized that this event not only challenged each individual running, and contributed to a charity, but it also brought our community together through a shared purpose.

It was great to hear of so many stories of personal conquest. One person ran their first 5K, another did their first 28K, a third ran their very first time, and some experienced runners went the full marathon distance. Each person proudly pushed themselves to do more, knowing that for each mile they run, Bringg would donate to the Ronald McDonald Charity House.

What was also amazing is the change it brought about in our work culture. At a time when people are used to sitting at their zoom meetings all day, it suddenly became acceptable and even normal to speak with team members while they run! It relaxed us all and allowed us to see life ‘beyond the screen’.

At a time when our company was challenged with connecting our people, the training and running brought us all together.

New employees who never met their colleagues, and who had difficulty absorbing the company DNA while working remote, were suddenly immersed in a sense of belonging to a group of individuals they never met in person. Customers got a sneak peak into the culture behind the technology and actively ‘bought into’ this ethos of striving to do more and be more.

These times of uncertainty and difficulty will pass. And looking forward, we aim to continue to inspire people, both as individuals, and as company, to do more and be more for ourselves and for the people around us. To ‘walk the talk’ has become a core Bringg value for 2021, and I look forward to seeing how we flex this muscle next year.

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