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Get more from your data: Creating Bringg Insights


In our latest feature spotlight, Lior Sion discusses how Bringg Insights helps executives put their delivery data to work

Executive need more than weekly reports and status updates to know what’s going on with their entire fulfillment network. They need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their logistics operations – to spot trends and get quick insights, at scale That’s why we developed Bringg Insights, a new mobile reporting dashboard that connects executives to their data in real-time.

What executives are missing today

While working with global enterprises across multiple industries, we noticed an interesting trend.

While businesses have moved from simply collecting data, to putting it to work, leadership often lack real-time visibility into their data and performance. Executives face overwhelming amounts of granular data, but struggle to gain a real-time, high-fidelity insight into their operational performance.

How can executives make sound business decisions without access to the performance trends they aim to change?

Insights gives executives high-level visibility into the business metrics that matter the most to them. With Insights, executives using multiple delivery fleets can easily track fleet performance over time, and make critical decisions based on their performance. This high-level data can be leveraged during contract negotiations, or used to decide when and where to add new fleet partners.

Moving from big data, to the right data

Insights solves two core challenges: identifying the relevant data, interpreting this data into actionable insights, and distributing the right insights to the right roles within the organization.

1. Fully customized reports – The entire Insights interface is customized for every customer, showing the information and KPIs that matter most to them, whether it’s sales by channel or location, performance by fleet, or other business-critical metric. While restaurant leadership may want to understand how their average order value changes per location or region, a logistics CEO may want to compare the performance of their contracted fleets or their warehouse turnaround time. Each should only be exposed to the data and insights relevant to their needs.

Insights gives executives instant access to exactly what they need, without the noise and distraction of the data they don’t.

2. Full visibility for management – One way leaders can put the customization to use is by giving their management full visibility. Insights can be customized to give each management team their own unique view of the fulfillment operations and track their personal KPIs.

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3. Executive, mobile first design – Insights is first and foremost for executives who need to bypass the daily overload of information and focus on their leading indicators of success and efficiency.

Leadership face a daily information overload. The unique, mobile interface limits the viewer’s focus, so leaders can easily hone in on what matters most. This has the added benefit of providing busy executives with instant access while they are on-the-go.

In today’s data-driven economy, knowledge is power. To learn more about Insights, please contact your Bringg representative today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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