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From Retail Disruption to Market Eruption


Retail disruption has become synonymous with tags like new normal, post covid, retail recovery, etc. And yes, while retail disruption is rapid, what is truly inspiring is the new market eruption happening simultaneously. Sectors like last-mile delivery, omnichannel solutions and marketplaces are coming to market faster and with greater demand. This seems like the basis of what we’re going to be seeing this year. 

Last year, we released our 2021 Bringg Barometer. The report covered the state of retail fulfillment and delivery and 2021 priorities. We were able to use the survey of 1000 US enterprise retailers and our own customers to evaluate top pains across enterprise retail as well as delivery and fulfillment strengths and priorities as eCommerce demand continues to grow. 

Several top pains focused retail complexity around scaling delivery and in-store fulfillment. For example, retailers cited a lack of visibility, brand control, and cost efficiency as challenges when working with external delivery fleets. While about a third of retailers and brands surveyed reported that they are prioritizing adding alternative pickup locations and BOPIS over the next six to 12 months, helping scale click and collect

2020 put an enormous amount of pressure on eCommerce, leaving retailers in a rush to implement fulfillment capabilities that met changing consumer behaviors and demands. Retailers must now prioritize delivery and fulfillment operations to see greater operational efficiencies and provide premium customer experiences. This will create market demand for more delivery capacity, greater tech innovation and stronger partnerships.

At Bringg, we recognized that to continue to be a trusted partner and help our customers adjust to these capabilities, it was important for us to make changes internally. As a result, we refreshed our technology and our entire brand to ensure that our customers are adequately supported now and in the future. Our new brand reflects the changes of the market and is structured to prioritize customer success. Our technology and customer support teams now move at the same speed, if not faster, than the market dictates to help our customers make the necessary adjustments to stay ahead of consumer demand. 

I am really proud of our transformation to become the most efficient and fast solution on the market and confident that our customers will appreciate our continued focus on innovation and agility so that they may always provide exceptional customer experiences. 

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