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8 Issues To Consider When Setting Up Your Food Delivery Service

When setting up a food delivery service, you have to consider the following issues to ensure a high-quality customer experience

[Free Webinar] How to Achieve Restaurant Delivery Excellence

The restaurant industry is currently going through unprecedented change with delivery as one of the fastest-moving trends in its history.

5 Things to Consider Before Developing Food Delivery Operations

Food delivery is big business. Consumers demand convenience and choice when it comes to takeout. Food delivery options used to be limited to pizza and Chinese food, but now virtually any type of cuisine is available to the public.

PedidosYa Launches Delivery Premium in Latin America Using Bringg

PedidosYa connects millions of people in over 400 cities through a network of over 15,000 restaurants that provide home food delivery at no additional cost to the customer.

MonkeyMedia Software: Optimizing Deliveries

Erle Dardick, owner at Tony’s Deli, and eventually founder & CEO at MonkeyMedia Software, realized, his retail point-of-sale register did not have the functionality to manage the complexities of his off-premise service channels. 

US Online Grocery Shopping Expected to Double this Thanksgiving

US retailers are under pressure to adopt an omnichannel selling strategy that meets consumers’ needs, especially around Thanksgiving & Christmas.