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Menu Management: An Integrated Answer to Marketplace Challenges


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Those of us who frequently order from restaurants know that menus change often based on a number of factors, including seasonality, availability and specials. Menus and promotions are often customized on the regional and even local level. Specific promotions and specials are often created for each marketplace or eCommerce channel. When a restaurant runs out of an item, or a piece of equipment is broken, those items must be canceled across every channel, including marketplaces. Maintaining up-to-date menus on 3rd party marketplaces is a difficult and time consuming chore.

The Impact of Out-of-Date Menus

When marketplaces or internal eCommerce channels send orders to restaurants with out-of-date pricing, products or promotions, retail operations are substantially disrupted, revenue is lost, and customers grow frustrated with order cancellations.

Typically, invalid orders will require retail teams to stop what they are doing, call the marketplace and – often – cancel the order, resulting in a loss of revenue and a poor customer experience. Furthermore, restaurants that sync inbound orders to their retail POS encounter POS errors every time an invalid order is entered. Clearing these errors wastes thousands of hours a month.

The imperative here is two-fold. One goal is to maintain a single source of truth for menus. The other is to distribute those menus to every sales channel and marketplace, without manual intervention or effort.

Building a Solution

The Bringg Menu Manager is built to address both of these requirements. This tool allows restaurants to build, sync, edit and distribute menus both locally and at large, by channel as well as per marketplace. You’ll have the ability to sync specific promotions for each channel – ensuring that your customers always see the proper items, pricing and availability.

Making informed pricing, availability and promotion decisions require real-time insight into sales and product trends, per channel. The Menu Manager provides detailed, real-time reporting on sales and order trends, alongside the ability to edit and distribute updated menus.

The Integrated Answer to Marketplace Challenges

Working with third party marketplaces and delivery providers is challenging. Multiple tablets and manual order entry are inefficient, wasting retail resources. Bringg cuts through that chaos by directly injecting orders into your POS system. One partner in particular was able to save 6k hours monthly by simply reducing in-store screens and POS errors.

Similarly, Bringg offers a single API integration that aggregates and normalizes order data across every channel and marketplace, minimizing POS errors and technical overhead. The Prep App synchronizes off-premise preparation with inbound driver progress, ensuring orders are timed to be prepared for customer arrival, or are ready at the precise moment for just in time delivery. Automated dispatch engages the optimal fleet for each solution. Detailed reporting provides insight into order trends, delivery timing, and reconciliation reports for each store and third party marketplace or fleet.

Marketplaces present compelling marketing and revenue channels. Today’s technology solutions can help manage, sync and orchestrate operations, removing the operational friction while improving your insight, sales and customer experience. As more brands begin to adopt off-premise ordering and delivery into their new normal, Bringg will be there to solve the challenges and headaches it can add and most importantly help you keep your profits where they belong.

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