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An Open Letter to Our Community During COVID-19


The global coronavirus pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation. The safety and health of our families, communities, customers, and employees is always of utmost importance to us and we believe that while we adapt to a period of uncertainty, we must always remain socially responsible. And, so, I wanted to personally share with you how we at Bringg are approaching the situation. 

During this time, we remain true to our core values of purpose, ownership and accountability and have taken measures to enable both our teams and customers to minimize business disruption. For some customer sectors, delivery volumes have not only continued to grow, but have become increasingly critical to the business and their customers. We remain committed, as before, to supporting your changing needs as this situation unfolds. 

Below are a few of the steps we have taken:

  • We have a dedicated team tracking COVID-19 developments, trends and safety procedures to keep everyone safe while maintaining full operations.
  • All of our teams around the world are now working remotely. We ran simulations to prepare for this eventually, and maintained our operations, technology and customer support without disruption.
  • We are working closely with many customers to enable contactless delivery, ensuring the safety of your staff and customers. This functionality is already available, and we encourage all customers to use it, as appropriate.
  • We are helping a number of customers repurpose retail staff to support the increased demand for deliveries.
  • We are opening up all of our third-party delivery partner integrations to all clients, to help you increase your coverage and reach. 
  • We are creating content resources on topics such as Ensuring Delivery Safety in the COVID-19 Era  and Contactless Delivery to help educate your teams and keep them safe.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to ensure your safety and success.

Most importantly, we want to let those that have been affected by the virus either directly or indirectly, know our thoughts are with you. And finally, we want to thank all those members in our communities that continue to work on the frontlines to help manage through this pandemic. 

We are here, with you, to persevere forward.


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