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Guy Bloch

A few months ago, marketing came up with a creative idea – we were going to use my busy trade show schedule, to create content and inform and educate our market on the latest happenings in our space. It was simple; interview the industry leaders I present with at events, and on panels and produce slick, face to face interviews on the topics affecting our industry.

We bought the plane tickets, RSVP’d to the conferences and made a list of those executives and industry thought leaders that we thought would be able to share the most impactful insights for our audience. It was a great idea, but then COVID-19 happened and here we are.

Don’t worry though, we’re not giving up yet!

We might not be able to build the personal chemistry of an in-person interview or shoot in HD with crisp audio, but that isn’t stopping us from connecting with leaders across industries to share their background, views and advice. And of course, to do so with the funky Zoom background of their choice.

In my first interview, in what I hope will become a weekly video segment, I “sat down with” Eran Westman, a 20-year tech industry executive [in Israel, Singapore and the US] and partner at Israel’s largest tech investment group, Viola Growth.

In our discussion Eran covers:

Top factors in making the decision to invest
Why he invested in Bringg
What areas of investment excite him
Practical tips for those looking for funding during this difficult time

It was a great discussion with some valuable take-aways and practical lessons that investors, business leaders, techies or anyone in the growth of a company can apply. Enjoy!

About Author

Guy Bloch


About Author

Guy Bloch

Guy is the CEO of Bringg. He has nearly 20 years of experience leading large organizations in the global enterprise software market, and transforming them into highly successful hyper-growth environments. He joined Bringg after spending 6 years in senior leadership roles at Splunk (Nasdaq: SPLK), most recently as COO EMEA.

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