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How to Unlock Customer Loyalty via Delivery


How to unlock customer loyalty via delivery

Loyal customers are key to a successful business—not only are they likely to come back again and again, but they’ll spread the word to their network as well. 

Attracting a loyal customer base takes concerted effort and it’s not always top of mind. Most business owners are intimately familiar with the concepts of marketing, branding, and sales, but these strategies just get customers in the door for the first time. 

A great way to keep customers once you’ve attracted them is by providing a high-quality, swift, and easy delivery experience. This works to keep customers coming back, and you can even reward the most loyal of your customer base with premium options.

Read on for a deep dive into how the delivery experience impacts loyalty, and how you can leverage this for success. 

How does the delivery experience affect customer loyalty? 

Throughout the past decade, a majority of the population—56% of Gen X and 55% of Millennials—preferred to shop online and receive delivery as opposed to physically shopping in-store. Plus, Gen Z is four times more likely to use food delivery services than other generations. Simply put, delivery is popular and it’s only becoming more so. 

The great news is there are plenty of ways to leverage this to drive customer loyalty:

  • Reward customers with premium options. For example, consider offering your most loyal customers the first choice of delivery window, as many grocery delivery services do. 
  • Communicate in real time. Let customers stay in the know about their delivery and any changes to the process by providing real-time tracking and communication. 
  • Offer easy returns. Make it easy for customers to return what doesn’t work for them, and they’ll be happy to come back.
  • Sustainability. Nearly 60% of customers prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, making them more likely to patronize a company that provides it. 

5 ways to unlock customer loyalty with the delivery experience 

A seamless last mile delivery experience deserves just as much strategic attention as your sales and marketing processes. One of the best ways to do this is by using a comprehensive delivery management platform (DMP), which lets you manage the entire delivery experience.

Let’s take a closer look at how DMPs can improve customer loyalty.

Maintain up-to-date inventory information

A selling point of the best DMPs is that they can help you maintain the most accurate inventory details, often through an integration with your existing inventory software. This, in turn, gives customers the confidence and satisfaction that they can get what they need, when they need it, and avoid disappointment. 

Plus, you’ll spend less time fielding communication from frustrated customers whose orders couldn’t be completed due to low inventory.

Offer premium delivery options 

There are numerous ways to leverage premium delivery to foster customer loyalty. One is simply to provide it as an option for each delivery—for instance, offering same-day or next-day shipping for an additional charge. This lets customers access fast delivery so they get their products as soon as possible.

Another method is to provide premium options to the most loyal customers, often as a subscription. Amazon Prime, for example, allows customers who purchase an annual subscription to receive free, fast shipping on most products, as well as other perks like access to books, music, and more.

Offer a strong post-purchase experience
Customers aren’t done once they click “order.” In fact, that’s where most of the important work begins. A positive post-purchase experience entails detailed order confirmation, delivery scheduling, status updates and customer communication, returns, and collection of feedback. 

Using a DMP like Bringg, for example, lets you provide a great post-purchase experience with ease. By starting with a detailed and easy-to-use checkout experience, you can make delivery as seamless as the ordering process you’ve carefully crafted. 

Track deliveries transparently and in real time

Transparent delivery shows your business is honest and customer-focused. It helps to limit the number of frustrated customers reaching out to inquire about their order—known as “where is my order” (WISMO) requests. 

Reduce customer stress and your team’s workload by using a DMP that provides real-time delivery tracking and keeps customers aware of every step of the process. Even if a package is delayed, informing the customer immediately manages expectations and helps them feel everything is under control. This builds trust in your company and a greater likelihood for return business.

Provide sustainable and environmentally friendly delivery

With a majority of customers seeking options that help contribute to environmental sustainability, appealing to this need will work in your favor for increasing customer loyalty. 

Consider options such as providing sustainable packaging, limiting the amount of packaging used, or offering environmentally friendly delivery services. For example, route optimization helps to reduce mileage and CO2 emissions, which not only makes your service more efficient but will gain you points with sustainability-minded customers. 


Your delivery experience is just as important to your business’s success as your marketing and advertising plans. One attracts customers and the other keeps them coming back. 

Foster customer loyalty by offering a delivery experience that provides your customers with real-time order tracking, transparent communication, accurate inventory details, premium delivery, and even sustainable packaging. 

Consider using a delivery management platform such as Bringg to simplify and automate the process. Get in touch today to learn how Bringg can help you cultivate happy, loyal customers by providing an exceptional delivery experience. 

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