Complex Deliveries
Made Simple.

Optimize and grow your last mile delivery with the #1 Delivery Management Platform. Reduce costs, simplify operations and drive brand loyalty – all from one unified platform.

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Unified Platform



Brand Loyalty

How Do You Deliver?

Bringg provides two core solutions to accommodate any type of last mile operation;
Delivery Hub for multi carrier management, and ROAD for fleet and driver management:

Multi Carrier Management | Bringg

Multi Carrier Management

Delivery Hub is a one-stop multi carrier management platform designed to expand shipping options and delight customers – while simplifying operations, reducing cost and driving brand loyalty. 

Fleet Management | Bringg

Fleet & Driver Management

ROAD is a solution designed to digitize and manage all drivers and vehicles, for companies at varying stages of digital transformation – enabling them to scale last mile automation as operations grow.

Why Bringg

Bringg enables a hassle-free delivery experience, offering convenient delivery options while still ensuring more drops per day. Bringg turns delivery into a unique differentiator for over 800 customers, with over 200 million orders shipped every year.

The Bringg
Delivery Journey

Last mile delivery begins long before the shipment is placed on the truck. It starts when the customer places an order and ends when they receive the package, rate the delivery experience, and/or manage returns.
This is where Bringg comes in:


reduction in late deliveries


increase in average cart value


shorter delivery windows

Ready to simplify your delivery operations?