Provide the Perfect
Grocery Delivery Experience

The Last Mile Experience Your Customers Demand.
The Operational Efficiency You Need.


Eliminate Grocery Delivery Bottlenecks

Streamline the process from order to delivery or pick-up, eliminate costly procedures, boost operational efficiency, and increase your profit margins.

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Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Turn your shoppers into repeat customers and get valuable customer data by providing the personalized, convenient delivery experiences that your customers are looking for.


Connect Everyone and Everything Across the Delivery Process

Improve your delivery operations with real-time, 360 degree visibility into logistics data from across the entire supply chain – from warehouse and inventory, to pickers, dispatchers and drivers, and all the way to the end customer.

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Scale Up Cost-effective Delivery Operations to Drive Revenue

Automate your delivery operations in order to easily and affordably control, monitor, and scale them – whether you are outsourcing deliveries to a third-party or using your own in-house fleet.

The Grocery Delivery Challenge

Consumers now expect their pickups and deliveries to be fast and convenient – arriving exactly where and when they want them. Meeting these demands requires fully transparent and highly flexible grocery fulfillment operations.

However, providing reliable, cost-efficient deliveries is complicated and expensive, with competitors ready to step in every time your customer’s expectations aren’t met.

To keep shoppers coming back, grocers must find ways to increase their operational efficiency and transparency across the entire ecosystem: from the warehouse to the frozen aisle, through the vehicles and their drivers, and all the way to the customer’s front door.


The Delivery Platform Designed for Large Grocery Chains

Using the Bringg platform, grocery chains and delivery services can manage and optimize their complex logistical processes at scale, and provide their customers with the best possible delivery experience.

Bringg’s delivery platform helps grocers orchestrate the entire delivery process by providing them with 360-degree visibility, full operational control, and streamlined delivery and pickup services that increase customer loyalty and profit margins.


Faster Deliveries. Happier Customers.
Better Bottom Line.

Get more out of your siloed logistics solutions by integrating them into automated delivery fulfillment operations that seamlessly sync with all of your existing systems, data, and processes.

Eliminate costly inefficiencies that negatively impact delivery times, enabling you to deliver flawless, fully branded customer experiences that grow your bottom line.

  • Real-time inventory tracking

  • End-to-end visibility across the delivery ecosystem

  • Faster order-to-delivery time

  • Automated picking management

  • Flexible fleet management - in-house, third party or any combination

  • Optimized route assignments and locations

  • Improved customer satisfaction and ratings


Enabling Leading Grocery Retail Chains to Achieve Delivery Excellence


WHITE PAPER: A Practical Guide to
Grocery Delivery Operations

Learn how to successfully navigate new territories from integrating multichannel operations, through online customer incentives, and all the way to keeping food fresh during the last mile.