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Bringg on Salesforce

Multi Carrier Shipping on Salesforce | Bringg

Connect to a multi-carrier shipping app, built natively on Salesforce, that provides essential APIs for shipping rate calculations, delivery date estimates, shipment booking, real-time tracking, and returns. With 200+ integrated carriers, including parcel, same day, and LTL, Bringg on Salesforce provides a comprehensive solution for leading brands.

Multi Carrier Shipping on Salesforce | Bringg

A Cloud Native Shipping
& Post Purchase Experience 

 Bringg on Salesforce works with any Salesforce Object or Cloud, including other Salesforce built ERP and WMS applications,
and seamlessly integrates logistics operations into your Salesforce environment. With all configurations done in the native UI,
companies can quickly launch and manage profitable delivery and fulfillment operations – directly from Salesforce.

Salesforce estimated delivery dates | Bringg

Power accurate cost estimates and options for delivery; seamlessly. 

Increase conversion and control shipping costs while providing estimated delivery dates to your end customers at checkout for an enhanced experience.

Salesforce shipping and fulfillment | Bringg

Compare rates before fulfilling an order, send notifications to the recipient, pull data from any object in Salesforce.

Manifest at any volume, factoring in hardware support, from multiple warehouses, retail locations, or mobile service vehicles, while leveraging our Salesforce Flows to automate the selection of the most cost effective service type.

Salesforce shipment and tracking | Bringg

Drive web traffic and reduce support calls with real-time updates, while keeping your brand at the center of the experience.

Enhance visibility and reduce WISMO calls with real-time tracking of shipments for warehouse, store and customer support teams while creating a branded customer journey  at each critical delivery stage.

Salesforce returns management | Bringg

Enable self-service returns for improved customer loyalty. Leverage tracking visibility for enhanced reporting and access insights on reasons for return, unused return labels, and expected return delivery dates.

Create a smooth returns process for ecommerce consumers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and for customer service users via service applications like Salesforce Service Cloud. Support unique use cases – such as Field Service representatives needing to efficiently return critical parts during service visits.


decrease in WISMO

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work days saved
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increase in
order capacity

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Bringg on Salesforce Multi Carrier Shipping, Same Day Delivery & Returns

Bringg on Salesforce Cartridge for B2C Commerce

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