Fulfill On-Demand Orders While Lowering Delivery Costs

Streamline your deliveries while maintain full operational control

The Rules of The Game Have Changed for CPG Brands

Your customers now expect seamless experiences with fast deliveries that arrive exactly when they need them. In order to remain relevant and viable, every brand with goods and services that need to be delivered must evolve by becoming much more agile and efficient across their entire ecosystem.


"Coca-Cola, to avoid lost sales and keep product flowing in small retailers, is encouraging mom-and-pop stores to use Bringg’s mobile app to replenish shelves with cans and cases on demand."

Using Bringg’s powerful logistics solution, CPG/FMCG brands can now easily meet and exceed the on-demand expectations of their retailers in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience. Our technology platform will help you streamline the way you deliver and create the perfect frictionless experience for everyone – with full visibility from your headquarters to the field and all the way to the retailer – while maintaining full control over your brand and cost structure.

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Customer-Centric Logistics - the New Strategic Imperative for Brands

Bringg’s innovative logistics platform enables you to easily manage and optimize a wide range of complex delivery options and fulfillment resources in real-time – internal, 3PLs, couriers, parcel services, crowdsourced, etc. – that can be scaled as needed based on market demand.


  • Same & next day deliveries

  • Decrease in all delivery costs

  • Increase in recurring orders

  • Optimal route assignments

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Flexible & scalable allocations

  • Full service & brand integrity

  • Complete visibility & transparency

  • Fully integrated with your systems

  • Improved bottom-line, clear ROI

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