Gartner Report: Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

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As the battle to win the last mile intensifies, there’s an increasing demand for vehicle routing and scheduling technologies. Whether businesses manage an in-house fleet or rely upon a third party to manage their deliveries, these tools help them optimize operations throughout the supply chain. A recent report from Gartner emphasizes the necessity for companies to adopt new technologies such as Bringg in order to remain competitive and improve vehicle routing in this volatile transportation environment.

Reduced vehicle capacity, driver shortage and increased traffic congestion are key challenges faced by any company that delivers goods. Modern fleets now have the ability to incorporate tools that will enable them to overcome these issues in real-time, with technologies designed to optimize resources and fleets while providing an optimal customer-centric experience.

These solution are taking center stage as the speed of business increases, and customer demand often becomes the driving force behind newer and better delivery logistic systems. The challenge of simultaneously becoming more agile with customers while improving the efficiency of a delivery fleet can only be achieved through smarter and better management of routing and scheduling. Real-time visibility of traffic conditions and the status of every moving piece within the delivery logistics jigsaw is no small feat, but these technologies, Bringg included, are helping businesses evolve with full visibility, and with the right tools for companies, drivers, and customers to interact with unprecedented speed.

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