Intelligent Fleet and Driver Management

Efficiency is key to keeping your fulfillment costs down and customer satisfaction up.

Dynamically engage the optimal resource – internal and contracted fleets, drivers and vehicles – then automate and optimize both resources and operations for maximum efficiency and delivery that’s on time, every time.

Seamless Multi-Fleet Management

Manage all fleets, owned and external, cost-effectively from one centralized place.

Integrate contractors or third party delivery fleets directly into your operations by synchronizing with their technologies, or by providing access to your Bringg solutions.

Seamless Multi-Fleet

Smart Fleet, Driver & Vehicle Selection

Customize and automate your fleet selection logic for faster time to deliver, greater on-time delivery (OTD) rates and reduced cost to deliver.

Get the technology to dispatch drivers and assign vehicles based on each order’s requirements, and your business priorities – lower costs, faster delivery, etc. Manage driver payments and delivery tasks with role-based tracking and compensation.

Smart Fleet

Powerful Driver App

Our customized driver app makes it easy to onboard new drivers and help them perform every step of every delivery flow accurately and on time.

Dynamic delivery flows and chain of custody management ensure driver efficiency, while advanced safety features like hands-free mode, contactless delivery and integrated telematics providers reduce insurance costs and liability.

Boost Driver Efficiency

Automated Driver Scheduling, Payments & Permissions

Save on time and resources by efficiently managing driver scheduling, payments and permissions.

Our centralized view of driver availability makes it easy for dispatchers to manage driver schedules, and for drivers to opt into delivery shifts.

Automate Driver

Measure, Understand, Improve

Smart Multi-Fleet Management – Give dispatchers and contractors a single dashboard to measure delivery capacity, schedules, and performance.

Live Tracking – real-time visibility on every delivery through internal and contracted fleets across first, middle and last miles

Logistics BI & Reporting – Measure driver tasks, tips and performance—both qualitative and quantitative—for driver payments, ratings and internal optimization.

Better Decision-Making – Use data on time-based KPIs and customer satisfaction on the driver, team or fleet level to understand and improve your delivery performance.

Measure, Understand

Powered by Our Cloud Platform

  • Data-led – Connecting and intelligently utilizing data from fragmented systems
  • Unified – Bringing together different models and partners on one platform
  • Orchestration & AI – Applying AI and industry best practices for optimized operations
  • Modular – Rapidly developing and releasing new innovations
  • Real-Time – Enabling real-time visibility across the supply chain
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