The Bringg Driver App

Keeping driver efficiency at peak levels is critical to the success of your operations.

Bringg’s customized Driver App ensures greater efficiency across the delivery flow, helping drivers fulfill deliveries and services safely, accurately and on time.

The Driver App is available on Android, iOS, and for integration into your driver app.

Automated Delivery Flow Management

Bringg’s Driver App helps drivers onboard and deliver by managing every order and task through a single, intuitive interface.

Automated driver actions ensure greater speed and accuracy: from check-in and status updates, through order creation and delivery flows. Drivers can easily collect proof of delivery, payment, tips, and signatures, as well as manage inventory and other actions.

The App includes features to improve productivity with driver-initiated route optimization, integrated navigation and communications, and order grouping for delivery or pickup.

Seamless Multi-Fleet Management

Customized Driver Management Tools

Drivers and service providers use the app’s inventory management system to easily create, update or reject orders in the field, on an item-by-item basis.

Managers can dynamically set permissions per driver, team or fleet, and accurately track driver location through proprietary technology . Drivers can use delivery blocks to manage their availability, access earning reports, and manage their own vehicle assignment.

Smart Fleet, Driver & Vehicle Selection@2x (1)

Driver Safety

Meet regulatory requirements, reduce overhead and keep your drivers safe with these features:

✓ Support contactless delivery and collection flows, including photo proof of delivery

✓ Restrict phone usage while driving via the Hands-Free Safety mode and automated check-in

✓ Prevent drivers from traveling through unsafe areas

✓ Enable drivers and customers to safely communicate through masked phone numbers

✓ Telematics integrations track driver safety, while technology integrations provide one-tap access to emergency services

Boost Driver Efficiency

Integrated Delivery Ecosystem

Eliminate unnecessary time buffers and improve your efficiency by fully integrating your driver activity with the rest of your logistics resources.

Bringg’s orchestration technology coordinates dispatch, routing, warehouse, staging, retail, delivery operations and customer applications. Drivers act in perfect sync with the rest of your operations, ensuring that orders are picked up and delivered on-time, every time.


Our operational technology…had to be highly scalable,
had to leapfrog (the competition), and had to make
material improvements to our operational productivity.

Bringg was the only one that could do all three.

Richard Metzler, President and CEO

Powered By (Our) Orchestration Technology

  • Data-led – Connecting and intelligently utilizing data from fragmented systems
  • Unified – Bringing together different models and partners on one platform
  • Orchestration & AI – Applying AI and industry best practices for optimized operations
  • Modular – Rapidly developing and releasing new innovations
  • Real-Time – Enabling real-time visibility across the supply chain
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