Delivery Hub:
Simplify Shipment & Returns Operations

Connect to Bringg’s Delivery Hub and start simplifying shipment and returns operations – while reducing costs, driving brand loyalty and providing even more delivery options.

Rates & Delivery Estimates

For increased cart conversion

Connect to over 250 delivery providers and start
presenting expanded delivery options during browsing
and checkout; effortlessly acquire carrier rates and obtain
estimated, real-time delivery dates.

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Fulfillment & Manifesting

For reduced cost-to-deliver

Consolidate and automate fulfillment and manifesting tasks
while significantly reducing manual processes. Automatically
assign packaging and carrier options in line with predefined
rules, batch parcels into smarter group shipments, automate
labeling and documentation operations.


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Tracking & Communication

For reduced WISMO calls

Create a seamless and branded tracking experience with
superior communication capabilities. Easily provide real-time
tracking direct from your website, simplify proof-of-delivery
processes, automatically notify customers at each
critical delivery stage.

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Returns, Ratings & Pickups

For increased customer loyalty

Automatically offer preferred return options (pickup/drop-off);
automate sending of return documentation and provide real-
time tracking and status updates upon dispatch. Create an effortless returns tracking and feedback experience.

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Reporting & Analytics

For actionable insights

View, collect and process: relevant data on current shipments in transit, total and average shipment costs per customer, total shipments by carrier, return rates and more. Quickly measure fulfillment center and carrier efficiency. Create unlimited reports on shipping, tracking and returns data.

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