Working Together to Achieve Logistical Excellence

Technology, Sales and Marketing Partnerships

In today’s rapidly changing logistics market the basis for success is establishing smart partnerships. Bringg is looking to partner with consulting firms, software companies, service providers and resellers to ensure that its market leading platform is available to multiple industries and markets across the globe.

Software Company

Do you develop software to manage parts of the logistics process (POS, RDS, fleet management, etc.)? Partner with Bringg to help your customers streamline their delivery operations, optimize their delivery efficiency, and provide perfect delivery experiences.

Service Provider

Do you provide services to businesses which have products or services that need to be delivered? Partnering with Bringg means a hassle-free solution which ensures that you don’t have to change the way you work without requiring additional systems or IT.

System Integrators

Do you offer process consulting and turnkey integration services for supply chain, delivery and transportation systems? Partnering with Bringg enables you to offer your customers a state-of-the-art solution for their logistics needs.

Consulting Firm

Do your have a strategic or tactical consulting practice in one of our target markets (retail, eCommerce, restaurants, logistics, etc.)? Partner with Bringg to offer your customers the ability to achieve logistical excellence across their entire delivery ecosystem.

Bringg Reseller

Do you have the industry or country connections and know-how to resell Bringg to other businesses? Refer customers to Bringg and share the revenue.

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