Doing our Part in Crisis – Why we decided on BringgNOW for Free

I have been moved over these past few weeks. While we are all struggling through a time of uncertainty, I feel very lucky to see a sense of positivity through this crisis. Yes, it’s true, I am an optimist. I lead in the belief that if we all see the best in things, we can be the best in things. And that is what I am seeing lately in the community, people and businesses coming together to do what they can to help their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many organizations talk about social, organizational and community responsibility. I often blog about it, the idea of coming together to create a fair playing field.  And, here today, we all have an opportunity together, to help the communities deliver and receive the essential goods they need.

Last week, as a company we made the decision to help our communities by addressing local businesses. While our solution for delivery management is geared toward enterprises, we saw that COVID-19 has changed the market dynamic, leaving even smaller shops desperate to grow their delivery services. So, while we had planned to release an SMB solution later this year, we decided the time to release was right now, and that we owed our expertise to every shop big and small.

It wasn’t easy to prerelease this solution. We had our RD, Product and Marketing teams work aggressively these past few weeks. They needed to ensure that our new SMB solution, BringgNOW would have the essential product capabilities ready ahead of time. I must say, that while not easy, they successfully completed. Kudos team.

What was easy, was the decision to offer it for free. This is one less expense that businesses need to accumulate in today’s health and economic crisis.

It is also easy to see the value we are presenting these businesses. Local businesses are currently struggling to keep employees on, get goods sold and get them delivered safely. So beyond fitting the app with features like:

  • Order management to help simplify the influx of phone and digital orders
  • Drivers app to help repurpose store staff to do deliveries
  • Contactless delivery features ensuring the safety of drivers and customers

We are also creating a thought leadership series to educate local businesses on how to launch delivery models with or without an existing digital presence.

We hope through BringgNOW, our out-of-the-box solution, and the expertise we will share with the community we can help relieve at least a bit of the burden our communities are experiencing today.

Guy Bloch