Delivery Poem

Ode to Bringg

By Zahava Dalin-Kaptzan

Ripped from the lines of the great English poems.


When we were young, and amazon
A mere online bookstore,
The local shop still reigned supreme,
its website but a door.

The masses googled, clicked, confirmed
Their purchases online.
But when it came to picking up,
The local shop was fine.

Until one day, the customers
Began to ask for more.
“Deliver to our homes”, they cried,
“Deliver to our door!”

“Deliver to us on-demand,
Or next-day, if we choose.
Give us the option when to get
All of our earthly goods!”

The panicked brands dispatched their fleets,
Their drivers to their trucks did leap.
The metal steeds shone in the sun,
The warriors began their run,
Their promised times, to keep.

But sometimes customers complained,
Their orders unfulfilled.
“Where is my package!?” was the cry
Heard round the (online) world.

All enterprises looked around
For cost-effective ways
To make deliveries on-time –
In hours, and not days.

Then came a platform built for all
Last-mile delivery:
To orchestrate par excellence
The customer experience,
Increasing sales at no expense,
(Plus: visibility!)

Now enterprises can compete
en-route, in store, online.
Bringg gives each enterprise the key,
To make last-mile delivery
Successful every time.