Sustainability Tech Practice

Building an eco-friendly last mile through green delivery and fulfillment

Helping retailers and logistics providers reduce carbon emissions and provide green fulfilment options


We have a corporate responsibility to reduce last mile emissions by providing retailers and logistics providers with solutions to help meet their net-zero goals.
We are proud to introduce BringgGreen to assist.

Guy Bloch, CEO, Bringg

Bringg Committed to Eco-Friendly Fulfillment

eCommerce growth will lead to a 30% increase in delivery related carbon emissions by 2030. As consumers increasingly support brands with sustainability investments, retailers and the logistics providers who support them are looking for ways to meet net-zero pledges and communicate their sustainability successes with end customers.

BringgGreen is a comprehensive tech practice aimed toward helping retailers meet net-zero pledges. We provide customers and ecosystem partners with education, functionality and data to execute, manage, and track their last mile sustainability efforts so they can be more eco-efficient and, in turn, have a positive impact on the environment.

With greater visibility, efficiency and insights into their last mile operations, companies can decrease their CO2 output while communicating their sustainability initiatives to their customers.

Sustainability among retailers and consumers

Creating a Greener Ecosystem

BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice


Get the fleets and tools to offer greener deliveries and showcase tangible sustainability efforts to customers.

BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice

3PLs and Carriers

Get a platform that helps you highlight the value of green fleets to shippers and maximize your competitive advantage.

BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice


Communicate your CO2 delivery footprint to end users, and provide them with an interface for greener delivery choices.

Green Fleet Selection, Routing & Optimization

  • Optimize routing for lower fuel consumption
  • Use order batching to decrease the number of routes and miles driven
  • 3D load optimization ensures delivery vehicles carry their full capacity
Routing and fleet optimization

Carbon Emissions Tracking & Visibility

Turn sustainable delivery into a value-added capability for your entire last mile ecosystem.

Enable consumers to communicate preference for green delivery at checkout, and enable brands to communicate carbon emissions saved per delivery.

Emissions Tracking and Visibility (1)

Sustainability Best Practices

Our team of experts have created best practices for environmentally friendly last mile delivery that supports net-zero initiatives.

Use our BringgGreen Best Practices to help execute, track and report on CO2 emissions and number of green deliveries with pre-defined KPIs and real-time BI

Sustainability Best Practices

Green Third Party Delivery Network

We provide instant, integrated access to the world’s leading delivery providers, with a selection of carriers with eco-friendly vehicles for on-demand and scheduled deliveries.

Our platform can integrate with any fleet and provide in-depth data exchange needed for true visibility and orchestration, enabling the use of these external fleets as if they were internal resources.

Green Third Party Delivery Network

Business Innovation & Education Program

Our innovation and education workshops offer our customers market insights and tips on how to report and track CO2 savings, in order to help retailers communicate metrics with consumers and incentivize sustainable behaviors.

Business Innovation & Education Program