The Guide to Quick Commerce

How to turn fast, local delivery into your competitive advantage

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  • 3 consumer benefits of quick commerce
  • How quick commerce contributes to an omnichannel retail strategy
  • Tips for properly implementing q commerce
The Guide to Quick Commerce

Unlocking your quick commerce strategy

Quick commerce – q commerce – is all about speed and it is the next iteration of last mile delivery. With global ecommerce on pace to hit $4.2T this year, speed and convenience is all important for consumers – and for many, that means an immediate delivery. 

The pandemic lockdowns that became the norm in 2020 changed the entire landscape of ecommerce fulfillment and only further accelerated the growth of quick commerce. This guide looks at the evolution of quick commerce, and how correct implementation of faster delivery can benefit consumers, brands, and even delivery partners.

Unlock fast, convenient delivery

Why q commerce?

The Guide to Quick Commerce

$4.9 Trillion made in global ecommerce retail sales in 2021

The Guide to Quick Commerce

27% of consumers abandoned a purchase during online shopping because delivery wasn’t fast enough

The Guide to Quick Commerce

45% of consumers would pay more for greater convenience

A guide for quick commerce retailers and brands

One hour delivery used to be the food delivery model. But today, consumers across categories expect fast delivery of their online orders – even less than an hour. The benefits of implementing a delivery option in high demand is clear – but many traditional retailers struggle to build the operational efficiency to support the q-commerce business model and turn rapid delivery into a true competitive advantage

To successfully overcome the challenges of implementation, guarantee a positive customer experience and grow market share, brands should look to these best practices to easily adapt their online channels and brick and mortar stores for q commerce.


quick commerce - the real last mile

What’s Inside the Guide

What you’ll get in this guide:

  • Tips on hyper-local fulfillment delivery
  • Choosing the right technology partners for customer-centric quick commerce
  • Selecting the right business model to manage delivery costs and boost profitability

This q commerce guide is for:

  • Non-food retailers
  • Food retailers, grocery stores and supermarkets
  • Delivery platforms and local partners

Is Quick Commerce right for you?

As the quick commerce trend gains momentum, now is the time to consider the implications for your organization. 

  • Is your tech stack and operations up to the task? 
  • Do you have the delivery & fulfillment platform and order management system to meet rising market demand? 
  • Are your internal teams and leadership on board? 
  • Will new customers be interested in your quick commerce services without ‘free delivery’?
Better, faster, cost-effective delivery

About the Authors

Lawrence Roycroft

UK & Nordics Sales Lead, Fluent Commerce
The Guide to Quick Commerce

Lawrence Roycroft

UK & Nordics Sales Lead, Fluent Commerce

Daniela Perlmutter

SVP Marketing, Bringg
The Guide to Quick Commerce

Daniela Perlmutter

SVP Marketing, Bringg

Marie Hamblin

Director, Deloitte Digital
The Guide to Quick Commerce

Marie Hamblin

Director, Deloitte Digital

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