Forrester Study

Sustainability in the Last Mile

A 2021 Snapshot

This study explores the gaps in how retailers and D2C brands track, measure, calculate, and communicate on their emissions, and where they should invest to bridge these gaps and realize more value from last mile sustainability.

Sustainability in the Last Mile: A 2021 Snapshot by Forrester

What’s in this study?

Discover where retailers can invest to improve last mile carbon emissions and reporting

Learn how retailers can better communicate the impact of carbon reduction to customers

See what retailers will require from their logistics partners for the next 2 years

Driving value from sustainability

Climate change has climbed to the forefront of international treaties and government mandates. Retailers, aware of the high carbon emissions in last mile delivery, look to reduce carbon emissions to meet sustainability regulations and tap into the value-based consumer market where consumers are increasingly conscious about the environmental implications of their purchases.

Bringg commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore how retailers and D2C brands are managing sustainability and carbon emissions in the last mile, and identify opportunities to derive greater value from their sustainability initiatives.

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Table of contents

  • The Reason Why Retailers Face Inconsistent Sustainability Metrics
  • What do Retailers Fail to Communicate to Customers?
  • How are Retailers Calculating Carbon Emissions?
  • Which Tech do Retailers Expect from Their Logistics Partners?
  • Where are Retailers Investing to Improve Last Mile Sustainability?

Almost half of retailers struggle to accurately measure carbon emissions.

2 in 3 retailers are not reporting to consumers on sustainability initiatives, GHG emission reductions, or their path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Around 40% expect their logistics providers to provide carbon emission data within the next 12-24 months.

Inspiring our Customers to Be More

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