Democratize Your Delivery Operations

One of the biggest strategic changes in the logistics industry over the past few years is that it is no longer necessary for companies to ‘own’ every piece of the supply chain. Deliveries, which used to be in the hands of a few big players or fleet owners, are now accessible to virtually every business through different channels.

Similar to the way in which ride-hailing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, democratized rides by enabling any driver to become a part of their ‘fleet’, companies can now find solutions that provide them with the flexibility to manage their delivery operations through a network of smaller partners so they are able to reach each and every of their customers.

This short white paper goes into the issues surrounding this major shift, focusing on how companies can:

  • Determine which model they should work with - the walled garden model or the open model

  • Leverage the opportunities that open up when they democratize their delivery operations

  • Grow their commerce with unprecedented levels of freedom, flexibility and scalability

Democratize delivery operations