White Papers

2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Food Retail | Bringg

Gartner talks about five vendors who help food retailers adapt their operating models to new consumer expectations.

Validify & Bringg Report:
Tackling the Twin Peaks

Get advice and solutions that can be deployed in less than two weeks, helping your business achieve optimal performance during peak season and beyond.

eBook: 2020 Retail Holiday Guide

Use our guide to learn how to successfully scale up and optimize your eCommerce fulfillment operations for the holidays and beyond.

eBook: Assessing Your Digital Maturity in the Post-Covid Era

Use our assessment guide to discover which omnichannel initiatives and fulfillment models will deliver a quicker return on investment, based on your level of digital maturity.

eBook: Monetizing Your Logistics With Specialized Delivery Services

Learn which new logistics models and services will work to your advantage, and how to optimize them for performance and cost-effectiveness.

Retail Report: Drive Profit in Unified Commerce Fulfillment

This report addresses the main challenges retailers face when building and managing omnichannel commerce fulfillment.

eBook: How Logistics Providers are Coping with Growing Pressure

This ebook takes a look at how logistic providers are keeping up with growing demands and successfully adapting to new market opportunities

How Restaurants are Coping with Growing Delivery Volume

This eBook investigates the challenges that off-prem fulfillment poses to operational models, and, and what it takes for restaurants to thrive and scale off-premise dining.

Drive Revenue in Grocery Curbside Pickup & Delivery – The Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

This report examines how today’s grocery market is shifting, the hurdles that grocery retailers must overcome, and the strategies and technologies that can help them win the game.

The Profitable Digital Grocer: Making Same-Day Delivery Cost Efficient

This guide explores the keys to developing fast, convenient deliveries that increase customer loyalty while making delivery financially viable.

The Bringg Barometer 2020: State of Retail Delivery

This report examines customer expectations for retail delivery, where retailers are falling short, and how retail delivery can close this gap.

Logistics Report: Meeting Demands for Rapid, Convenient Delivery

This report breaks down the challenges of meeting these demands, and explores how logistics providers can rapidly deploy premium delivery services through technology