White Papers

White Paper: Building Successful Grocery Delivery Operations in an Omnichannel World

This guide explores how grocers can take back control of their customer data and customer experience by building the right strategy for omnichannel grocery delivery.

White Paper: A Practical Guide to the Ins and Outs of Grocery Delivery

Consumer demand for online grocery shopping is growing rapidly, bringing about radical changes in the industry. Download this white paper to answer crucial questions regarding building grocery delivery operations.

White Paper: The New Rules: Delivery Logistics in the E-Commerce Era

This white paper addresses the most important questions regarding the challenges and correct approach to retail delivery.

White Paper: Democratize Your Delivery Operations

Deliveries, which used to be in the hands of a few big players or fleet owners, are now accessible to virtually every business through different channels. How can companies leverage the opportunities that open up when they democratize their delivery operations?

White Paper: 7 Steps to Building State-of-the-Art Delivery Operations

The delivery market has undergone drastic changes over the past few years, with customers expecting seamless experiences and fast deliveries that arrive at the time and place that is most convenient for them.

White Paper: The Key to Restaurant Delivery Excellence

Delivery is one of the fastest-moving trends in the history of the restaurant industry. Read this white paper to learn what restaurants can do to quickly scale up and make sure their delivery operations are a success.

White Paper: Creating a Customer-Centric Supply Chain

In this white paper we will highlight how Amazon has shifted the paradigm of supply chains, and outline the steps enterprises have to take to meet these needs and create a clear competitive advantage.

White Paper: Engaging Your Customers During The Last Mile

In today’s on-demand environment, customers want to have full visibility over their deliveries, as well as an open line of communication with both the business itself and the person making the delivery.

Buying Guide: Investing in a Last Mile Logistics Platform

The Technological Landscape is Changing… Are You Ahead of The Curve? In a complicated technological landscape that demands real-time results, businesses in the logistics industry understand that they need some kind of platform to support their last mile logistics.