How Retailers compete with Amazon One-Day Delivery

The news of Amazon investing nearly one billion dollars into making one-day delivery the new Prime standard, has left many people asking why? What does Amazon’s logistics network is an optimized fulfillment and delivery operation that creates a far divide for retailers trying to compete on customer experience.

However, today’s retailers with both a physical footprint and an online presence are perfectly positioned to not only compete but to exceed Amazon’s new one-day delivery standard. The key to reaching this goal is placing the customer delivery experience at the heart of their fulfillment strategy.

In this webinar, we share the latest fulfillment and delivery models that are creating a unique opportunity for both retail and logistics leaders. Hear the strategic and practical trends implemented by Amazon and other retail giants and how you can leverage these insights to your advantage.

Learn how retailers use delivery orchestration technology and practices to:

  • Better utilize store and delivery assets for diverse fulfillment model including BOPIS, PUDO and external fleets
  • Increase visibility and communications ​across all stakeholders for reduced failed delivery rates and greater customer experience
  • Automate actions across the supply chain with data-based insights into customer, inventory, routing and delivery assets ​
Webinars Amazon One-Day Delivery How Retailers Can Stay One Step Ahead