Third Party Fleet Router

Managing multiple third party fleets is complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

Click on the video to learn how Bringg’s Fleet Router provides all the benefits of automation with full control over your fleet selection process.




Do you need to manage multiple fleets seamlessly, with full visibility and control?

36% of retailers say managing multiple carriers is their biggest pain point to scaling eCommerce delivery – especially when it comes to lack of visibility and costs.

To grow delivery effectively, businesses need full visibility and control over how they deliver with third party fleets.

Meet Bringg’s fleet router – a dispatch solution that merges all the benefits of automation with full control of your fleet selection logic, so you can automatically dispatch to multiple third party delivery providers according to your operational rules, and drive the KPIs that matter most to your business.

How it works

Once integrated with your third party providers, our fleet router syncs with their systems to determine which options are available in real time. Businesses can select their preferred fleet, and the system will automatically identify their availability.

Choose to dispatch based on the time to deliver, the cost to deliver, which fleets you have prioritized, or another customized rule. You can define fleet routing rules per team, per location, per time of day or week, or per region.

  • Set a default rule as your primary dispatching logic, then create additional custom rules to prioritize fleet selection based on your unique business requirements.
  • Define custom rules for each team or time of day.
  • Assign orders to fleet based on priority levels that you define
  • Easily add or remove fleets from the automated routing rules.
Videos Meet Bringg’s Fleet Router