Video: Bringg’s Delivery Operations Solution for Service Companies

Video: Bringg's Delivery Operations Solution for Service Companies

See the Bringg delivery platform in action within a service-providing ecosystem and how it streamlines the delivery of services, making them more efficient and cost-effective through the use of real-time visibility, optimal driver performance & resource use and creating positive customer experiences.

Feel free to read the video transcript below:

– Customer service is one of the most important factors to companies that offer services, whether they involve roadside assistance, repairs, technician support, or anything else.

– Bringg’s delivery logistics platform helps them further improve the services they provide by offering the most efficient way to manage their large scale operations. To see how the Bringg solution works, let’s take a closer look at a real-life situation involving a Bringg customer who offers on-demand roadside assistance services.

– When Brian’s car broke down in the middle of nowhere, he knew he could rely on his roadside assistance provider. While Brian was waiting, he was notified when the driver was on the way and was able to communicate directly. He was also able to track them in real time. Thanks to Bringg’s auto dispatch technology, the driver that arrived was fully equipped to handle the needs of Brian’s vehicle. She was able to navigate to Brian’s exact location with ease ,with accurate GPS navigation using Bringg’s driver app. After the car service, Brian was able to rate his overall experience.

– On the dispatch end, Bringg automates the work by auto-assigning service calls to drivers to ensure the right type of truck and tools are sent for the job. This prevents them from having to reassign calls when drivers arrive without the required resources. For drivers, Bringg eliminates the guess work. They are guided every step of the way with Bringg’s driver app, which can be used in hands-free mode using geofencing technology. Throughout the day, management has a real-time view of its entire operation – they know where their drivers are at all times, receive live feedback and can verify that performance is on target.

– Bringg’s customer had this to say: “Bringg has been a great partner to work with, their program works flawlessly, and whenever we come up with something new that needs to be adjusted they do it very quickly. It seems like the possibilities are endless.”

– Bringg’s technology, enables service companies to perform at peak efficiency, by helping them optimize resource use, ensure operational visibility, reduce operational costs, utilize data insights, and improve customer satisfaction.

– Bringg helps enterprises provide fast and efficient services to their customers, exactly when and where they need it.