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Learn how to gain a sustainable competitive edge through logistical excellence

Webinar: Retail Trends in The Age of Digitization

Bringg’s modular delivery management solution includes three parts: Dispatcher Dashboard, Driver Application, and Customer Experience.

Video: Boxit – Delivering the Perfect Last Mile Experience with Bringg

See how Bringg helps Boxit fully streamline its flex home delivery operations - allowing them to scale efficiently and provide customers with a fully branded experience.

Video: Bringg’s Delivery Operations Solution for Service Companies

See the Bringg delivery platform in action within a service-providing ecosystem and how it streamlines the delivery of services.

Video: Bringg The Delivery Logistics Platform

See how Bringg's leading delivery logistics solution can meet the complexity of any enterprise operation – including yours.

Video: Raanan Cohen, Bringg – NOAH Tel Aviv Conference 2018

Raanan Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO of Bringg at the NOAH Conference 2018 in Tel Aviv discussing how Amazon has disrupted delivery logistics and how companies need to level up in order to remain relevant.

Video: Bringg’s Restaurant Delivery Operations Solution

See the Bringg delivery platform in action within a restaurant ecosystem and how it streamlines order processing, driver efficiency and the customer experience.

Video: Bringg’s Retail Delivery Operations Solution

See the Bringg delivery platform in action within a retail ecosystem and how it streamlines delivery operations

Video: How To Beat Amazon

Last month, Bringg CEO Raanan Cohen took the stage to share some fascinating insights on the future of logistics at the Logistics CIO Forum in Amsterdam.

Video: A Vision of Bringg

A quick 2 minute overview by Raanan Cohen, CEO of Bringg about how the platform works, why it was built, and what benefits it provides for your business.

Video: CEOLive TV Interview

Raanan Cohen, CEO of Bringg, being interviewed for CEOLive TV

White Paper: A Practical Guide to the Ins and Outs of Grocery Delivery

Consumer demand for online grocery shopping is growing rapidly, bringing about radical changes in the industry. Download this white paper to answer crucial questions regarding building grocery delivery operations.

White Paper: The New Rules: Delivery Logistics in the E-Commerce Era

This white paper addresses the most important questions regarding the challenges and correct approach to retail delivery.