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Rethinking Logistics & Delivery – The New Norm – Live Digital Series

Today businesses across all industries need to rethink their near and long-term strategies to successfully meet logistic and delivery demands. Join industry leaders from Deloitte, Next47, Melting-Point, Postmates and more for a live weekly digital series.

eBook: Monetizing Your Logistics With Specialized Delivery Services

Learn which new logistics models and services will work to your advantage, and how to optimize them for performance and cost-effectiveness.

Retail Report: Drive Profit in Unified Commerce Fulfillment

This report addresses the main challenges retailers face when building and managing omnichannel commerce fulfillment.

eBook: How Logistics Providers are Coping with Growing Pressure

This ebook takes a look at how logistic providers are keeping up with growing demands and successfully adapting to new market opportunities

Webinar: Embracing Disruption – Practical Insights and Strategies for eCommerce Success

Learn how top retailers are embracing disruptive eCommerce trends to win greater market share with alternative fulfillment and delivery. Hear practical insights and strategies for eCommerce success.

Webinar: The Acceleration of eCommerce in Retail – A Bringg & Google Fireside Chat

Unexpected e-commerce growth compels retailers to implement an omnichannel strategy quicker than expected. To succeed retailers will need to understand how digital and in-store retail relate, and how to deliver a consistent consumer experience regardless of shopping and fulfillment channels.

Webinar: Executive Outlook – Logistics In Times When Uncertainty Is The #NewNormal

Demand for logistics has never been higher. However, economic uncertainty presents substantial challenges to growth and innovation. This fireside chat will explore the impact of COVID-19 on logistics, and how leaders are adapting their technology, resources and operations to successfully meet expectations.

Webinar: Brave New World The Lasting Impact of Covid-19 on Delivery & Fulfillment

The world will never be the same again. The pace of eCommerce, click & collect and delivery growth has accelerated. Watch as we discuss the economics, operational and technological challenges and strategies to successfully meet consumers’ new fulfilment and logistic expectations.

Fireside Chat: Delivery During COVID-19

COVID-19 presents major complexities for restaurants, grocers and retailers who must meet growing delivery demand and requirements. Beyond the growth in demand, businesses are faced with challenges around fulfillment, capacity and overall safety.

How Restaurants are Coping with Growing Delivery Volume

This eBook investigates the challenges that off-prem fulfillment poses to operational models, and, and what it takes for restaurants to thrive and scale off-premise dining.

Drive Revenue in Grocery Curbside Pickup & Delivery – The Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

This report examines how today’s grocery market is shifting, the hurdles that grocery retailers must overcome, and the strategies and technologies that can help them win the game.

The Profitable Digital Grocer: Making Same-Day Delivery Cost Efficient

This guide explores the keys to developing fast, convenient deliveries that increase customer loyalty while making delivery financially viable.