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[Commerce Connectè] Cdiscount va lancer la géolocalisation temps réel de ses livreurs

Cdiscount, which is well-known for their innovative offerings, can now provide their customers with full visibility across the delivery process, enabling them to view and follow their orders in real time.

My Coke Express: Restocking Merchants On-Demand

Transforming Resupply From Multi-day to Same/Next day Delivery. Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest city by population in Vietnam, as well as the nation’s leading economic center. It’s a key strategic market for The Coca-Cola Company...

Webinar: Bringg Driver App Tour

Get an in-depth tour of the Bringg driver app including streamlining driver workflows, enabling real-time monitoring, and improving operational efficiency.

Webinar: How to Achieve Restaurant Delivery Excellence Using In-house Resources

This restaurant-focused webinar discusses building streamlined in-house delivery operations using real-life case studies.

Webinar: 7 Steps to Building State-of-the-Art Retail Delivery Operations

This webinar, sponsored by Chain Store Age and Bringg, presents the best practices retailers need to follow in order to remain competitive and achieve logistical excellence across their entire delivery ecosystem.

Webinar: Bringg Platform Tour

This live session will include a full tour of the Bringg platform covering key management modules including dispatch, fleet, drivers, customer experience, route optimization, warehouse, analytics and integrations.

Webinar: Amazon Has Changed The Rules

Like many sectors, the retail landscape has been drastically transformed, changing the rules of engagement, creating new battlegrounds, and compelling retailers to respond with speed and pervasiveness to ensure that they will stay relevant for the long term.

Webinar: How to Achieve Restaurant Delivery Excellence

Watch this webinar to learn how to achieve restaurant delivery excellence including real-life case studies of restaurants that have started offering deliveries.

Webinar: Retail Trends in The Age of Digitization

Bringg’s modular delivery management solution includes three parts: Dispatcher Dashboard, Driver Application, and Customer Experience.

Video: Raanan Cohen, Bringg – NOAH Tel Aviv Conference 2018

Raanan Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO of Bringg at the NOAH Conference 2018 in Tel Aviv discussing how Amazon has disrupted delivery logistics and how companies need to level up in order to remain relevant.

Video: Bringg’s Restaurant Delivery Operations Solution

See the Bringg delivery platform in action within a restaurant ecosystem and how it streamlines order processing, driver efficiency and the customer experience.

Video: Bringg The Delivery Logistics Platform

See how Bringg's leading delivery logistics solution can meet the complexity of any enterprise operation – including yours.
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